Fair Game – Movie Review

Leave factual accuracy apart – everyone has a right to know a different perspective on the reasons told causing war on a country. This movie does that honestly and raises many questions boldly.

Peter Cushing, The Gentleman Of Horror

With his prominent cheek bones, sunken cheeks and aquiline nose, Peter Cushing is undoubtedly one of the most striking and iconic faces in the history of horror films. Coupling his dapper physical appearance with his quiet, well-spoken manner, Cushing has often been described as “the gentleman of horror.”

Quarantine – Zombie Film Movie Review

So, we have another film that utilizes the P.O.V camera angles, similar to the styling of the very popular, The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield. In this review, we will analyze this zombie film.

Product Placement in the Movies – Part 1 – 1896-1950

Product placement in the movies is nothing new. Although the number and value of placements has increased since the early Hollywood years the practice itself has changed little. In this article we explore some early examples of product placement in the movies.

Everything You Need to Know About The Man of Steel

There is much buzz about the forthcoming Superman reboot, The Man of Steel which will be directed by Zack Snyder and hit screens in 2013. It’s still some way off but Superman has always had the ability to get the geeks, nerds and fanboys, of which I am one, in a spin. And so in this post, a single blog entry, we will turn you into an Instant Superman expert.

Are People Judging The Avengers Movie Too Soon?

It’s still many months away from being released, but fans are already getting frustrated with the Avengers movie. Whilst the movie cannot possibly live up to fan boy expectations, it wasn’t too long ago people were really excited about seeing the world’s finest superheroes united on screen. My question is, what’s changed?

See How the Whole Terminator Saga Began With Terminator Salvation

The movie, Terminator Salvation, came out in 2009. It is a Warner Bros. production and is considered one of their most viewed films.

Tron: Legacy

The past can be both haunting, and inspiring. As I think back to the movies of my youth, as I am sure is true with most people, I find a strong sense of comfort, happiness and excitement. Movies, at once, helped me escape the not so pleasant side of life, and were themselves, legitimate life experiences. Only serious movie freaks will know what I am talking about when I say that.

3D TV Is the Future

Technology changes daily, and because of our nature, we fight to keep up. Remember the days of the old black and white televisions that you had to actually get up off the couch to change the channels on? Those days are long gone, thanks to mammoth jumps in technological advances.

If You Enjoy Films Where The Underdog Wins – Puncture Might Be For You

There are many motion picture fans out there that are really are fond of seeing the little guy put it to the big guy. What those enthusiasts enjoy even more than that, is a true real life story that they can relate to where this happens. If you find yourself in that category of movie enthusiast, then you should really like Puncture the movie.

The Movie Puncture Reveals Big Business in a Way It Never Wanted Its Story Told

If you think that all American business people are honest, would never cheat anybody, and would surely never cost anybody their life, well you need to think again. Puncture the movie delves deep into the inner minds of some of the executives that run a few of the largest corporations in the world, and lets you come to understand what makes people like this tick. If you are under the impression that the leaders who run these mega sized institutions care about their customers, or want to help out society, you will quickly discover that is…

If You Are A Fan Of Legal Pictures The Puncture Movie Is A Must See

The Puncture Movie is real life presentation of a legal case that changed America’s medical structure forever. The legal aspects of the movie were comprehensively researched, and do an excellent job of explaining the facts in the case. The movie stars Chris Evans who plays attorney Mike Weiss.