How Entertainment Surveys Made Me Cooler and How That Helps You

Some people need a little push to become cool. Some people just want to learn about great bands. Others have no idea where to start. No matter which of those people you are, there’s a good chance entertainment surveys can help.

Direction – Unique, Global Web Content Creation – Time to Really Be Innovative

It seems that the practice of creating entertainment content is rapidly moving away from traditional sources, television, film, radio and their derivatives to the Internet. Problem is instead of something new, exciting and/or provocative the same old content from these old sources is being rehashed and regurgitated. What must we do to stimulate change for the “newest” medium?

DVD Rental – Some Frequently Asked Questions

There are tens of millions of people who watch DVD’s in their own homes each and every week. Most of these movies are rented, but a lot of people are not getting the best value for money that they can. Some are paying for services they never use, and some pay for an expensive service when there might just be something more appropriate that could save them money.

New Moon (Twilight) – Separation & Re-Uniting Phase

This is Bella’s 18th Birthday and she doesn’t know that she will lose her True Love. Edward stays in Fork along with his family and Bella. Once in an attempt to save Bella’s life, Edward kills James who belongs to the family of Sadistic Vampires.

The Mother of All Disaster Flicks – 2012

In a nutshell the film feeds off the Mayan doomsday prophecy that due to phenomenon seen once in million years where all planets align and the sun’s power would lead to catastrophic results. The signs are first discovered by an Indian physicist, Dr. Satnam Tsurutani, who warns off his American friend, Adrian Helmsley. He sounds off his boss who sounds off the Big Boss-the President of USA.

Who is Miley Cyrus?

If you’ve been hearing the name lately especially from young children and teens and you’re wondering who this celebrity is, two words: “Hannah Montana”. Miley Cyrus is a young teen actress who plays the dual title role on Disney’s TV Series “Hannah Montana”. She plays Miley Stewart, a normal teenage girl whose alter ego is the flamboyant and extremely famous music pop icon, Hannah Montana.

Gabrielle Solis – From Poor Mexican Girl to Desperate Housewife

Gabrielle “Gaby” Solis is definitely one of the most interesting characters in Desperate Housewives. Played by Eva Longoria, Gaby was born Gabrielle Marquez. She came from a poor Mexican family and had lost her father to cancer at the age of 5. At the age of 20-years old she became a model after seducing a photographer, and her life changed forever.

Bringing Casino Royale to the Big Screen

Casino Royale is an oddity compared to the other James Bond films because of the way in which it was finally brought to the screen in 2006. Although it was the first book in the series, written by Ian Fleming, the producers of the official James Bond series had been unable to secure the rights to it.

Couples Retreat – Shark Therapy?

Couples Retreat was written by Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau and is billed as comedy. It really is more of a romance movie sprinkled with a few laughs.

Top 10 Klingon Episodes

There have been a large number of great Klingon episodes throughout the Star Trek franchise. From a few in the original, to taking things to Chronos in Next Generation. Deep Space Nine got a lot more into the Klingon culture when the war with the Dominion started and Worf joined the cast.

Sesame Street Turns 40 – Oscar and His Fellow Grouches Uphold Conservative Values

One of the great joys of being a parent of a young child has been to rediscover ‘Sesame Street’. Sadly Oscar’s GNN (Grouch News Network) – a 2007 episode is now the subject of Fox News’ venom. How Fox decided there was a good ‘Sesame Street’ angle to play and that now was the time to bring hammer down remains to be seen.

Facts About Television

Television trivia is probably so popular now because the days of almost every home having a television are long gone, and now most homes have several. Before the onset of the internet, television was the primary distribution method for both entertainment and information, and it still remains the means by which most people receive both of those things.