Julia Roberts and Richard Gere Movies

In her time Julia Roberts has starred in some of the biggest movies and starred alongside some of the biggest stars. One of her best, more memorable pairings is with Richard Gere who together have made two movies “Pretty Woman” and “Runaway Bride”.

King Kong Versus Godzilla Remake

King Kong versus Godzilla is still one of the most popular movies. This film was made in the year 1962.

Freddy Krueger

Most of you have heard of Freddy Krueger the horrific fictional character that was from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. This film which came out in 1984 managed to soar in the box offices due to the disfigured stalker who used a razor gloved arm to kill his victims.

Mrs Doubtfire – A Very Funny Family Comedy

Daniel is a father who does the voices for some of the cartoons on TV. However, he is having a hard time keeping his job. This time he adds his own words because he doesn’t believe in the message the cartoon is portraying.

The Appeal of Action Movies

Action movies have been around for a long time and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, they’re getting better all the time! More intense, more realistic and they are drawing more people to the theater and rental boxes than ever before.

The Trials and Tribulations of Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie is an original, darkly comedic show about the life of emergency department nurse Jackie Peyton, who is played by Edie Falco. Falco successfully breaks out of her Carmela Soprano role by throwing herself full force into the unsympathetic, unapologetic character of Jackie.

Robert Rodriguez Kicks His Machete Out

We’ve been a fan of Robert Rodriguez, even through his Spy Kids phase because he’d come back with Sin City or the upcoming Machete. Even Alex Jones has jumped on the bandwagon to slam Rodriguez’s film claiming it’s about immigration, etc. but Rodriguez is always happy to have some press to push out his films. When you get Drudge Report slamming you, you know you’re doing alright.

Should District 9 Have Been Banned in Nigeria?

The District 9 movie raised some interesting reactions amongst Nigerians globally because it painted the country’s citizens in a bad light. Here I examine the banning of the District 9 movie from Nigerian cinemas and whether it was the right thing to do.

The Red Shoes Korean Remakes Is One Of Our Best Horror Movies Ever

We have loved the Korean horror wave that came with everything from the freaky Audition to The Red Shoes, an intense remake of Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of the same name. With the Korean horror movie wave came another version of The Red Shoes in 2005 which became typical of the look of these Korean horror films.

A List Of My Favorite Tom Cruise Movies

When discussing accomplished actors that dominate the box office, one person you have to mention is Tom Cruise. The man is a Hollywood icon and in recent years has managed to revamp his reputation and career. But which films have been his best?

My Favorite Films Starring The Great Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of the better actors out there today. He exemplifies many traits that so few actors do; he is always choosing great roles, showcases his versatility, as well as his personality in every film he stars in. When it comes to choosing the best films of his career, there are many worthy candidates.

Watch DivX Movies Online For Better Sound and Video Quality

Which is why; now-a-days individuals adore to view Div X motion pictures on regular basis. This format pays a lot attention in preserving the visuals very apparent and realistic.