Babel – A Review

You might expect a film titled “Babel” (relating to the Biblical Tower of Babel) to explore language barriers, miscommunications, and lack of communication. But would you expect a movie about communication to take an uncomfortably long 142 minutes to get the point across?

The Best of the Best I Have Ever Watched

Watching DVDs is one of my most favorite past times. It relieves my stress, brings me to a lighter mood and can even ease the problems I have. Three of the best stories from the past that really catch my attention and even touch my heart are The Six Million Dollar Man, Married with Children and Voltron the Defender of the Universe.

X Factor 3 Preview – Eton Road

Eton Road almost didn’t make it to the X Factor finals but after being given a last minute reprieve, are now the firm favourites among the four groups participating.

X Factor 3 Preview – The Unconventionals

The Unconventionals, who had been together for just two months prior to auditioning for the X Factor, impressed the judges during their qualification to the final 12 but fell apart spectacularly on the first live show.

America’s Infatuation with Hollywood Stars

I am sure we all are infatuated with Hollywood stars. From the time of the birth of the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, we cannot take our eyes off these charming people. They can even be called the Royal Family of America if this is not too insolent.

The Return Of Rocky Balboa

Rocky is back! I was going to begin this sentence by saying, “As a former Philadelphian,” but anyone who was born in Philly and lived there never really gives up their Philadelphian status.

Eva Mendes

Complete article telling you all you need to know about Eva Mendes.

Jonathan Demme: The Early Work of Film Director Jonathan Demme

In the mid-Eighties, at a UCLA conference on the subject of collaborative art, I met and interviewed the film director Jonathan Demme, who went on to great success as the director of such movies as “The Silence of the Lambs”, “Philadelphia” and “The Manchurian Candidate”. His recent concert movie “Neil Young: Heart of Gold” was shot during Young’s performance in Nashville; a performance that marked something of a comeback after the musician’s recovery from a brain tumor.

Tara Reid Full of Plastic Surgery

Tara Reid admits having multiple plastic surgery: a liposuction and two breast surgery. The last breast intervention was to repair the first breast implant operation.

Underdog Movie Update

“When criminals in this world appear and break the laws that they should fear…” they better be ready for Underdog.

Twist In New Marilyn Monroe Tale!

In her book Marilyn, Joe and Me, she claims that her mother Lee was on the telephone to Marilyn at the moment she was murdered. “She (Marilyn) called my mother. And, evidently, while she was on the phone, she screamed, and she screamed out the name or the names ……

Online Movie Rentals – Why Make The Switch

What are the advantages of online movie rentals? Is driving across town to pick through second and third-rate New Releases still the best way to get DVDs? The answer is no, and there are many choices out there that make the process a lot easier and maybe even a little cheaper.