Calendar Honoring Classic Sitcoms, Great Gift for the TV Addict in Your Life

‘Tis the season to start thinking about getting a new calendar, especially if your loved ones neglected to wrap you one to put under the Christmas tree. There are many unusual calendars out there, but some retirees have just completed one that will certainly be treasured by the TV sitcom fan in your life. According to the state news of the December 17 issue of USA Today, the residents of the Royal Oaks Retirement Community created a “Classic TV Shows” calendar to raise money for the American Diabetes Association.

Star Wars: Does Star Wars Provide The Ultimate Escape?

If one was to ask someone if they had heard of ‘star wars’, there is a strong chance that they will say yes. Now, this could be because they watch a lot of films, but at the same time, this might not be the case.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Is Out of This Galaxy!

To sum it up in one word, it would be ‘Wow!’ This movie was amazing! It had everything that one would want to go to the theater for, action, a bit of romance, some clever comedy, great dogfights, some touching bits, and some sad parts as well. It was truly an experience and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up going another time yet!

5 Movies to Watch Before Living in Student Housing

If these movies are to be believed, student housing is a constantly active social scene, but university living is not necessarily as it is portrayed. Your living situation in college can have lasting benefits.

Star Cars: Pre Owned Cars From Your Favorite Movies

These pre owned cars have fetched heavy prices at auction. Their roles in famous films and television shows drove the prices way up.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler: The Duo in Sisters

Tina and Amy are an awesome pair. Be it television or films, they never fail to impress. From the looks of the trailer, their latest film is surely a laugh riot.

The Best Used Car Dealers From the Movies

Used car dealers rely on charm and trust to work in often high-pressure sales environments. These three characters from great movies are exemplary.

Sitcom Characters Who Adopted an Alias, Something Sinatra Never Did, Thankfully

As America reflects on Frank Sinatra on what would be his 100th birthday, most of us appreciate most his fabulous voice. In addition to his singing, Sinatra also starred in some excellent films as well as some real-life soap operas through highly publicized marriages. Other stars of the time shared his vocal and acting talents, such as fellow Rat Pack members Dean Martin and Joey Bishop.

Animation Films: Flavor of the Season

Animation films are always fun to watch. Never do they get too serious and will always leave you smiling.

Across The Universe – A Retrospective

Critics seem to be all over the map in reviewing Across the Universe, the 2007 movie that sets 1960s history (Vietnam war protests, free speech movements, race riots, and the LSD revolution) against the backdrop of a love story set in motion by a nearly continuous soundtrack of Beatles tunes. The critic Roger Ebert gave it 4 stars and a thumbs-up, calling it a bold, beautiful, visually enchanting musical, with “an audacious marriage of cutting-edge visual techniques [and] heart-warming performances. Stephen Holden, the New York Times movie critic made it a Critics Pick, saying that [it] captured my…

Legal Eagles: Television’s Top Lawyers

Successful lawyers are often people who excel at oration in high-stakes environments. It’s no surprise that they are so often the subjects of successful television shows.

4 Reasons Why We Love Campy B-Movies

When the SyFy channel premiered Sharknado 2 in the U.S., it was a smash hit. More than 9 million people tuned in, but all those people weren’t tuning into to watch for artist cinematography or superior acting. They wanted to see a goofy, outlandish, mediocre acted B-movie.