Limitless (2011)

Limitless is an over-the-counter drug that works for what it is: a clever, smarter-than-average flick, boasting an engaging lead performance. Maybe one day someone will combine all the drugs of reality, take away all the negative side-effects, and get something close to NZT; for right now, we can always pretend in the Limitless world.

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year

Ranbir Kapoor stars as Harpreet Singh Bedi in this social comedy Hindi film about starting a career after college in the sales business. Bedi doesn’t have the resume to get a sales job based on his low test scores, but uses the gift of gab to talk his way into his first job at AYS Computer Sales. Starting as a trainee, Bedi begins what he thinks is a promising career at a great company. However, as the training period progresses, Bedi learns of the brutal ruthlessness it takes to become a salesman at AYS. Growing up as an honest person Bedi is bewildered by all the lying, deceiving, and bribing his company does and wants him to do for the company. As a result Bedi must choose between a path that leads him against his morals and a path that uses his upbringing in building his own company.

Movie Scheduling: Method To The Madness

So how do certain movies end up on certain weekends? There is an art and a science to the scheduling of approximately 150 wide-releases each year. This is the first in an occasional look at the scheduling of movies — part background, part history, part explanation, and a dose of skepticism and critique.

Reviewed: Source Code (2011)

Source Code follows a soldier, Colter Stevens, (Jake Gyllenhaal) who awakens to find himself on a train heading for Chicago. After talking to the stranger opposite him, Christina (Michelle Monaghan) who seems to know him well, he goes to the bathroom and standing in front of a mirror sees another person staring back at him…

Reviewed: Sucker Punch (2011)

Sucker Punch intrigued me before its release due to the seemingly random storyline and what looked like impressive graphics. So I sat down to watch it wondering whether I was going to enjoy the story it has to tell or be confused by it.

Reviewed: The Eagle (2011)

Now I’m not great at working out whether this was historically accurate or not, so that’s not going to be affect the way I rate this new movie. I’m just going to assume that all was well unless someone cares to correct me in my ignorance? Except for the fact that thumbs up in a gladiatorial ring means kill…

Aerial Installation: Playing It Safe

There are many ways for you to install a television antenna, there are many techniques and ways to get the job done too, but also keep in mind that not every single method may work for your benefit. Installing an antenna can be a simple matter for people who are in the know and at the same time, it can be also very difficult for the people who have no experience whatsoever.

Remembering Charles Bronson

When I was in school, I remember playing truant and bunking school to go over to the Rex cinema in Mumbai (now defunct) to see a movie with Charles Bronson. If I remember correctly it was Guns for San Sebastian in which he costarred with Anthony Quinn, another great star. Seeing Bronson in the role of a tough man, made him my hero and I saw almost all his movies, even those that were released a decade earlier in re-runs like The Magnificent Seven and the Great Escape.

Movie Review: Raajneeti – Power, Politics And Entertainment

The biggest film of Prakash Jha’s career, Raajneeti tries to make a sweeping statement on Indian politics but suffers from many predispositions that end up making the film look largely outdated and partly stupid. At almost three hours of playtime Rajneeti long enough to entwine you as well as bore you.

Even Hollywood Stars And Starlets Enjoy Portable Bleachers When At Popular Award Shows

When most people think of bleachers, they are customarily identified with parks and sports, but there is also a real need for bleachers in Hollywood as well. With award shows and red carpet events occurring all over the city at any given point, bleachers are a necessity for spectators and press to see their favorite stars as they celebrate; whether it be a blockbuster film screening, or a star-studded award show.

Popularity of TV Series Glee Has Lead to Increased Interest Among Youth in Music and Choir Programs

One of the newest TV series to become a huge hit is the program Glee. The show centers on a high school and the members of the school’s glee club. The members are a diverse group counting among them cheerleaders, football players, nerds, kids of different races, kids of different sexual orientation, and kids from different economic backgrounds all brought together for the love of music and performing. The talent of the actors of this group lead to good acting, some well planned laughs, and an amazing number of music productions that are nothing less than fantastic.

“I Hate Valentine’s Day” Was Way Over Nia Vardalos’ Talent Level As the Writer, Director and Star

Nia Vardalos is not the first budding presence in Hollywood whose ambition has now exceeded her talent. Writing and staring in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was not enough. In “I Hate Valentine’s Day,” Vardalos writes, directs and stars in the film and it proves to be a big mistake.