The Five Stages of Waiting For the Road Movie

Unfortunately, I am one of poor souls going through the five stages of grief waiting for The Road, based on the Pulitzer Prize winning 2006 novel by No Country For Old Men author Cormac McCarthy, to be released. Denial: How could anyone believe filmmakers would do this to loyal fans: simply ignore the release date of November 2008, and create a movie site merely stating, “Coming Soon.” (FYI: the website has remained unchanged) Anger: Numerous blogs and IMDB discussions have been, and will continue to be, made over The Road’s failure to …

How to Get Cheap Cinema Tickets

If you like to go to the cinema on a regular basis to watch all the latest film releases, the cost of your tickets can add up to quite a small fortune. There is a way to reduce the cost of seeing the next blockbuster. Here are the easy steps that you need to take to shave a little bit of your next visit to the cinema.

Serbian Films Leading the Way For Ex-Yugoslavian Cinema

What was once a centralized film industry centered in Belgrade during the years of Yugoslavia, has become a group of national cinema styles, loosely held together by a common heritage. However, it seems that Serbia, which trails behind others in many other ways, seems to be leading in the new approaches to filmmaking. A look at some examples.

Facts About the Transformers 2 Character Jetfire

Once again the world is in a tizz over the much heard word ‘Transformers.’ This time the upcoming sequel Transformers 2 “The Revenge of the Fallen” has delighted many Transformers fans (a few of them have been fans for 20 years) with the induction of many new Autobots, and Jetfire is surely one of them.

The Post-Nuclear War Movie in a Nutshell

Post-nuclear movies become very popular during the 80s, spawning the successful movie franchise Mad Max and later box office smash The Postman among many others. However all these films follow a very formulaic vision of a post-apocalypse Earth.

Facts About the Transformers 2 Character Elita-1

Millions of eyes are waiting impatiently for the release of the Transformers 2 ‘The Revenge of the Fallen’. The movie is going to introduce many new robots that were not present in the previous Transformers (2007). Elita 1 is rumored to be one of them.

Facts About Transformers 2 Character Blackout

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a brand-new sequel of the movie Transformers, which was released in 2007. However, this sequel to the movie is expected to be released on June 19, 2009 in the UK, while in the USA the release date has been announced as June 24, 2009. The executive producer of the film is none other than Oscar winning Steven Spielberg, while this science fiction and action movie is directed by Michel Bay.

24 – Day 7 – Season Finale – 6 Am – 8 Am (Hours 23 & 24)

The Finale had good action and good drama. The first episode was better than the second as the second had like 40 minutes of exposition White House 90210 drama. I liked Tony’s motivations.

Video Project Process

Every video project demands an idea that will fulfill the purpose of the project. A video treatment is simply the idea/concept for the video; it outlines information with regards to what the video will be about. Treatment can be brief or very detailed. It can describe the location, situations, stories, backgrounds, look and feel, tone and color, pace and so on. A successful treatment will communicate the complete idea to the client.

Watch In Treatment on Satellite TV

In Treatment is a new show on HBO, (which you can watch via satellite TV or cable) featuring a trove of young talents both on screen and behind the camera. The series is based on the Israeli drama entitled BeTipul. It’s about a psychotherapist, played by the esteemed actor Gabriel Byrne, who has his own private practice in New York.

Best Anime Movies on Satellite TV

Anime, or Japanese animation has become increasingly popular in recent years. Although kids and adults of all ages have enjoyed anime since the early 1960’s, on TV, nothing quite compares to anime in its full length feature film form. Here it really shines, boasting powerful imagery and incredible graphic artistry that’s best viewed in high definition. Here are some of the top anime movies of all time. Be sure to check your satellite TV listings to find show times.

Three Ways You Can Learn From Movies

Whether you watch several a week or haven’t been to the theater in years, movies are a part of your life. A leadership and learning expert shares three ways you can learn from movies.