Whew – Felt More Like a Month Than Just a “Night at the Museum”

If you’re looking for a great holiday movie filled with laughs at every turn, look somewhere else. But if you’ve ever dreamed of seeing Owen Wilson as a three inch obnoxious cowboy, well, then, let’s chat.

Schindler’s List

Directed by Steven Spielberg, focusing on the Holocaust, the movie was quite a task as many documentaries and TV series of great repute have already been made on it. The task in front of him was to make a movie on the same theme but differ from it, yet it was necessary to remain faithful to the images of six million massacred Jews. You will witness his success, once you watch this film.

One of the Best Movies Ever Tells of a Boy’s Perfect Christmas Gift

A Christmas Story is arguably the best Christmas movie ever. Can there be anything greater than Santa coming to your house on Christmas Eve with the perfect gift of your choice? I think not, especially if it is a genuine Red Ryder 200-Shot, Carbine-Action BB Gun for a 9-year-old named Ralphie living in Northern Indiana in the 1940s. A Christmas Story is about much more than whether Ralphie gets the Red Ryder BB Gun he covets. Find out why in this review.

Metropolis- Review

There is a lot of interest generated in the movie with its future setting and technological advancements. A movie strongly recommended for those in need of a fresh concept.

5 Diet Christmas Films (Low on sugar)

If you switch on your TV around this time of year, you’re bound to get Christmas shoved down your throat, whether you like it or not. Broadcasters across the land play any old movie or TV series special that has a vaguely Christmas theme. It’s a pretty sure bet that you’ll be able to catch ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ sometime over the next week. If you’re opposed to watching the same old repeated crap this year, then you might like this list of Christmas films.

The Best Christmas Movie Ever

In reality it is not about George’s redemption at all it is about our personal redemption. George Bailey was the suffering servant of Bedford Falls a Christ figure he doesn’t require redemption.

Leon – A Review

A wonderfully made film, it grips the heart of the audience. A story that seems a little silly develops beautifully at the hands of Natalie Portman and Jean Reno. A story of danger and drama yet it never can be called merely an action film.

A Romantic Comedy That Works With a Couple of 60+ Senior Citizens

Something’s Gotta Give is a romantic comedy without substance that works because of Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. Keaton is one the few actresses at age 60 who has been able to partner with bankable leading men. I found myself wanting to bond with Keaton. She seems to have found the secret to staying young, alive and attractive while Nicholson at 69 and counting appears his age and has not benefited from the passage of time. Keaton is one fine looking 60-year-old woman.

The Godfather – Review

Often a film is made to fit a genre but it is rare that a film defines the criterion of a genre. ‘The Godfather’ is one such gem of a movie that defined another genre of its time, ‘gangster movies’. The film was released in 1972 and bagged ten Academy Award nominations and was named the ‘Best Picture’. Since that time, all gangster movies has been compared with this one, an unfair comparison as it may seem to be.

Whatever Happened to Helen Hunt After Making What Women Want?

What Women Want is a romantic comedy light enough to float away. Helen Hunt is a real talent with real hardware and seemed so on top of her game after the release of What Women Want in 2000. Heck, I figured, move over Julia Roberts and hello Helen Hunt as America’s newest sweetheart, but Hunt did Cast Away with Tom Hanks and then returned to Broadway. Big screen’s loss became Broadway’s gain. I believe that the two rising stars today are Reese Witherspoon and Hilary Swank.

Get Your Kids To Watch The Greatest American Movie

It would not be an exaggeration, if I say that Casablanca, America’s most loved movie has more content written about it than any other motion picture in the whole world. There have been legends and rumours with the making of the film as well as the finished product.

TV’s 2006 Fall Season Failures – Why Did They Fail?

If our last article we showed what had happened with the new releases of the Fall season. What was surviving, and what had fallen by the wayside. Now we are going to examine in depth the failures and try to analyze why they failed, and why the networks cancelled or pushed these shows to dead airtime slots.