TV That Won’t Rot Your Brain – From Satellite Television

Many people have a somewhat negative view of television at least as a form of art of education. Television is generally thought of as more of a mindless form of entertainment. It’s definitely not as well respected as other forms of media. But like other forms of media, there is some television that is quite good and can be even educational. Sure, there is plenty of bad television out there too, but if you look around you will find some of the most interesting documentaries and programming right there with your satellite television.

The Best of Christian Bale Showcased on Satellite TV

Christian Bale has been in the movies ever since a young age, but his popularity and drive do not seem to be diminishing one bit. Among his most famous roles to date, the Batman saga and American Psycho stand out, but he has built an impressive career in the past decade. If you haven’t seen some of his recent star turns, tune in to satellite TV networks in your area and check out his best films. Here are the top five, now playing.

Inception 2010 – Film Review

When a film is heralded and pushed as much as Inception has been, I find myself naturally wary. Over promotion is so often the film industry’s answer to a predicted flop which has devoured a budget that the script never really deserved and is only partially redeemed by big names in the title roles. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is an apt example of a summer blockbuster that never really hit any mark it aimed for.

Classic Movie Posters – A Great Investment?

The industry for classic movie posters is growing and valuable. For cinema buffs there is no better way to combine a passion with investing. Read on to see the factors affecting the quality of a classic movie poster investment.

The Success Story of Bollywood Movies in 2010

The success and failure is the part of everything. The Bollywood movies are not the exception. Some of the Bollywood movies become blockbusters and some become flops.

Checking Out the Best Films of 2009 on Satellite TV

The year 2009 was definitely no slouch on the silver screen. Viewers were treated to excellent foreign films, a blockbuster comedy from the creators of Old School and the return of Quentin Tarantino with the oddly titled Inglourious Basterds. You can now make your HDTV set at home the place to view the best films when you have the right cable package. Check out these five films, the best of 2009, now playing on satellite TV networks in your area.

Our Top 10 Big Brother Villains of All Time

The Big Brother house has become known for villains – the players who use their skill and cunning to trick other players in order to advance. But, only the most infamous are deceptive and annoying enough to make the Top 10 Big Brother Villains of All Time list.

Big Brother Season 12 – Is Revenge Coming?

Season 12 of Big Brother is half over and there have already been screaming matches and two showmances. Because both their girls were evicted, will Hayden and Brendon seek revenge on the remaining houseguests?

Will The Top Spot Go To The Expendables Or Scott Pilgrim Vs The World?

The summer movie season is winding down fast and this week’s new releases for Friday August 13 offer quite a bit of variety for movie goers. Now that Sylvester Stallone has successfully (using the term loosely) revitalized both the Rocky and Rambo franchises in recent years, he has a new project called The Expendables, which he directs and stars in.

It Pays to Hire a Mercenary Director For Your Movie

They are trying to use Hollywood studio budget film tactics to fight an enemy they do not understand and are losing badly. All the producer can do at that time is watch their time and money blowup in front of their eyes.

Getting Over Unrequited Love Through Cinema – The Satellite TV Solution

While it might seem more like an affliction for navel-gazing college students and high-schoolers, sometimes even the most mature of adults come down with a bad case of puppy love. And while most of the time, a few nights out drinking with friends manages to solve most of the symptoms, sometimes it takes a little bit something more to stop feeling terrible about liking someone who might not feel the same way, occasionally something more is in order.

Home Theater Surround Sound Terminology Explained

If you are a movie lover, you’ll probably appreciate the importance of a good quality soundtrack. Whilst film is primarily a visual medium, the use of sound tracks including dialog, sound effects and music can elevate a film from mundane into an exciting multi-sensory experience. Surround sound describes the use of multiple speakers placed around the theater or home to give the impression that the soundtrack is coming from many different directions.