7 Reasons You Should Watch Paranormal Activity 2

Today, I attended Paranormal Activity. Even though I knew it could be a pleasurable movie, I was amazed! The movie is unique, low-budget and intensely effective because you feel your watching an actual couple in the normal home, curious to view what’s haunting them. The closest comparison I possibly could make will be the feeling I needed as you’re watching the Blair Witch Project on opening day when I along with other viewers thought the events were real.

Shaun Of The Dead Movie Review

Shaun is your bog standard average English guy, he has a job that’s going nowhere, a girlfriend who can’t stand how they’re wasting their lives away, and shares a house with two of his friends, each one resenting the other a little more every time they interact. One day he awakes to what he thinks will be just another average day, which ends up with his girlfriend breaking up with him followed by a nationwide apocalypse where zombies take over. Shaun and his friend go on a quest against zombies to save Shaun’s mum and girlfriend and survive at all costs in this hilarious mix of all your favourite genre’s, action, rom-com and zombie thriller.

When Celebrity Obsession Gets Too Far!

This article speaks about obsession going to dangerous levels. Many times, you come across fans going crazy for their celebrities. There is nothing wrong unless it is just a liking for their work. It gets really serious when these maniacs do crazy things to catch attention of their favorite celebrities.

Camera Phones – A Lot To Answer For?

If you are a social networker, then it’s likely that you’ve seen more terrible pictures than you’d ever care to remember. People are more prone nowadays to take a photograph than they used to be, and the reason behind this – well, the primary reason – is the fact that they can take photographs and see them quickly without having to pay for them.

Becoming A TV Presenter

It could be someone’s dream job to become a TV presenter. It is quite something to be able to host a show and become famous, the way Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno and Ellen Degeneres have become. However, it is also true that there is one in a million chances of someone hitting the jackpot and getting selected to present a show. There are many takers here and only if you have what it takes will you be lucky enough. Here are some of the things that you might want to look at. Basically, TV presenter jobs don’t need any special qualifications. However, having some qualifications won’t hurt at all, especially since there is so much competitiveness all around. A degree in communication skills will help. You could also look for a degree in journalism; even that helps in increasing your chances. Other degrees that you might want to consider are specialised degrees in drama and media. But these degrees can only take you so far. There are many other things that are needed of a TV presenter.

Movie Review: Predators (2010)

One thing is for sure about this movie. It is not as good as the first one (Arnold), or the 2nd one (Danny Glover) for that matter. From the looks of it, this was made to act as a quick way to make a buck off of a dying brand.

Megamind – Movie Review

Megamind should provide a fun time for the kids (younger and older alike) and even give parents moments of entertainment and good laughs. It’s a fun, if unremarkable, movie that provides just enough to be diverting and result in a good time for all ages. While providing some good laughs at the hands of Will Ferrell’s wisecracks, Megamind doesn’t manage to be as funny as it could have been. It does entertain, though, making it a good movie to pass the time. However, it won’t be a movie that you’ll be revisiting for repeat viewings.

K-Pax Movie Review

I am a fan of sci-fi movies. Two primary elements of the movie K-Pax directed by Ian Softley was that it was a movie about a man claiming to be an alien from a star light years away from the earth and that the lead role of the man was played by Kevin Spacey.

Stock Footage – Acquiring The Perfect Video That You Need Is Easy

Do you require a video for commercial purposes but are not sure how to go about getting the video images that you need to portray your story. Stock footage offers you all kinds of video clips on diverse subjects say sports or wildlife in High Definition (HD) quality, low price and within no time. Read on for more information.

Tired Of Police, Politicians, And Crime In Your TV Shows? – Get Away With Glee

Glee, the hit musical dramedy series on FOX, is now in its second season (with a third already commissioned) and has found an untapped (or at the very least unsaturated) niche in the TV market. With TV series “best of” lists for the past ten years littered with the likes of HBO’s The Wire, Sopranos, AMC’s Mad Men, West Wing, etc, Glee has filled a fun-loving escapist niche in evening entertainment – and it has filled it well.

Harry Potter Is All Grown Up

The Harry Potter franchise is widely know throughout the world and across all generations, from young to old. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is 7th in the list of Harry Potter movies. The Potter movies have become progressively darker, deeper, and more fitting to the fans that started reading the books almost a decade before.

History Channel Airs Top Gear America

The BBC has made a deal with the History channel to air Top Gear America. The show as a lot of potential.