Both Rap Fans And Non-Rap Fans Can Enjoy ‘Tupac: Resurrection’

‘Tupac: Resurrection’ did not achieve any major box office success when it was originally released in 2003; however, this is one of the finest films released in 2003, and the film was also nominated for Oscar. Many people are not too crazy about rap, but many of those who are not too crazy about rap would probably like this film.

Book Tycoon Turning To Movies

Publishing House Rain Publishing Inc. owner and CEO Tilly Rivers is reported to be worth over four million dollars.

The Political Philosophy of the City of God

The Brazilian film City of God is not only about Brazil (though it is a great social commentary upon what is happening there) but it also contains themes which relate to power and its use. You can see the creation of a gangster commonwealth in the slum as a parallel to the creation of all commonwealths, using Augustine, and you can also argue that for a time the gangster provides peace but the peace he provides is elided by the fact that he is unjust. So the film functions as a critique of that strand of European political thinking declared by Hobbes which says that power however unjust secures stability- in the City of God it doesn’t.

Borat: Both Sides Of The Debate

Borat is a movie that has caused a great deal of controversy. The movie is funny, but the jokes make fun of women, Jewish people, and Gays. The controversy has two sides, those who view the movie as entertainment and those who are outraged because they feel this movie gives people of all ages the impressing that there is nothing wrong with having fun at the expense of others.

Ali G: Good, Bad, Or…

Ali G is becoming a name more and more people are aware of. Debuting in 1998, this is a fictional character that is comically portrayed in movies and shows on the cable network HBO. The character of Ali G is played by the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Dexter’s Laboratory Animated Cartoons

Who is the most brilliant scientist the world has ever seen? Why it’s Dexter, of course! Find out more about the “Dexter’s Laboratory” cartoon series-

Is The Matrix The Next Star Wars

This article examines if the popular Matrix movies will be able to demonstrate the same popularity and staying power that the original Star Wars Trilogy did. I take a look at the following that both movies have as well as the revenues both trilogies generated.

Should Your Child Be A Supermodel

Whether to send your child into the world of modeling yet? If that’s the question that’s been chewing up on your brain then here’s the answer.

Why DVD Reviews Are Better

Coming out of the theater, dead and beaten. I went to see the hottest movie in town, “Georgy and Porgie” but in reality it turned out to be more of an hodge podge. No action, the script was dead and the graphics were even sadder. Does the situation sound familiar to you?

3 lbs of Grey Matter – But Will It

CBS rushes 3 lbs. to Tuesday nights 10 p.m. slot. Are they right? Can 3 lbs. tap into the phenomenal success of Grey’s Anatomy? CBS and the BBC is counting on just that!

Top Ten Bar Movies

A top ten list of the best movies set in a bar

Your Mother Ate My Dog! The Peter Jackson Phenomenon

Peter Jackson has his own way to present antithetical themes; tenderness, fairytale, epic heroism and violence all appear equally successfully strangely in his hero and anti-hero films.