Heroes – To Hit the American and UK TV Audience in a Few of Months

Heroes, the extremely popular sci-fi/drama TV series which was a total success during the first few seasons is now coming back on full strength in order to pick up where it left off. Due to the writer strike some months ago the production of this successful TV series came to a halt because simply put, there will be no hero story without creative writers.

Sharon Stone and the Big Boys From China

I liked Sharon Stone when she didn’t apologize for her so called unspoken remarks, now a mistake she says, by telling the Chinese they got what they deserved from God, for trying to hurt the Dalai Lama, you see she was perhaps mostly right, God does throw stones in our pathway to get our attention. The reason China doesn’t understand this, is because China is not an advocate of or for God’s opinion, they really do not care one way or the other about God, they just want.

Get Unlimited Download of Movies

There are tons of websites offering movie download online but you have to be careful where to download movies. If you do not know how to choose the best website, you can get scammed and your PC will be infected by malicious viruses and spyware. You should find a secured service to get unlimited download of movies.

How to Choose the Best Movie Download Service

In this busy and stressful world, people are always in search for good entertainment to divert their minds and temporarily forget their problems. Watching movies is always one of the best ways to relax. Modern technology allows us to watch movies anytime without going to movie houses. You can download movies on your computer to be played on any media player and watch movies anytime anywhere. You just have to know how to choose the best movie download service online and here are some tips:

The New Fad – Legal Movie Downloads

There are many options in downloading and/or watching movies online. Initially, like music downloading, downloading movies online usually meant doing something illegal. These days, there are many places to download or watch movies online. The illegal options are still available, of course, but the legal movie sites are picking up steam. This article will focus on the legal online sites to watch and/or download movies.

The Science of Children TV

It is not rocket science to create a children’s TV program but the methods used to produce new children’s programs are getting increasingly scientific. The rewards are high for those tv producers who can produce a money spinning children’s TV series with long term potential, in an extremely competitive market sector. High stakes call for advanced methods of research and development.

My Favorite Rare Movie Posters

There seems to be quite a fascination these days, with old stuff. Or perhaps there always has been, but it was kind of tucked away in little niche corners, and unnoticed by the masses.

Latest Horror Films

We live in an era where the latest horror films have got horror fans in a state of huge anticipation. This short article explores these upcoming horror movies and explains the reasoning behind our desire to see them.

Film Crew Profile – How to Be a Good Focus Puller

A good Focus Puller is a key ingredient to the success of the camera department on a movie or television set. But what exactly is a Focus Puller and what do they do? In this article, we uncover the mystifying art of focus pulling. It’s an art form that many people didn’t even know existed, until now!

Movie Trailers – Why Give Away So Much?

Thoughts on the way movie trailers are currently giving away too much of the film they are advertising. Is it really necessary?

Top Sites For Bollywood Hollywood News Online

Bollywood is India’s one thousand movie a year mega industry, and it’s no wonder why Indians all over the globe make it a point to update themselves about the latest news in Bollywood. Thanks to the world wide web, getting information about their favorite movies and stars is a breeze. One can easily access Bollywood news online in these top sites.

Indy Jones? It “Depends”

Looking for a critique of the latest Indiana Jones blockbuster? Look no further! There are no spoilers, just a review of the film.