The Best Tommy Lee Jones Movies Of All Time

When discussing prolific, yet modest actors, one person who definitely comes to mind is Tommy Lee Jones. Throughout the years, the man has been in so many movies, yet he certainly does not seem like he has a Hollywood ego. He definitely appears to love acting and I love the movies he is in.

My Top Five Favorite Will Smith Movies

When it comes to discussing my favorite actors and actresses, one person who has to be thrown into the discussion is Will Smith. I don’t think he is as talented as some of my other favorite actors, such as Daniel Day Lewis or Christian Bale, but I think he is a tremendous personality and I will see any movie he stars in. But which films have been his greatest?

The Social Network – A Facebook Movie Showing How It Got Started

The Social Network – A movie about Facebook and The World’s Youngest Billionaire is coming up on the big screen on October first. Based on the book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich and directed by David Fincher the movie is expected to be another of Fincher’s great successes!

My Top Five Favorite Jeff Bridges Movies

One actor who is finally being realized for his incredible talents is Jeff Bridges. The “Dude” has been acting since the early 1970s, and even has a film credit as an infant for the 1951 film, The Company She Keeps. I am not all too familiar with Bridges, older films, but his recent movies have been nothing short of spectacular.

My Top Five Favorite Kevin Spacey Movies

Choosing a list of my favorite actors is not always an easy thing; there are constantly people rotating in and out of the top five. One actor who hovers around that mark is Kevin Spacey. You cannot question that this mysterious actor is incredibly talented and versatile.

Godzilla – The Facts

recognizable Japanese cultural symbol. He first appeared in 1954 in the Japanese movie of the same name, and has starred in numerous movies, comic books, animated shows, and more. He even has a hit rock song about him, “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult.

The Top Five Best Oliver Stone Movies

Attempting to compile a list of the greatest Oliver Stone films of all time is no easy task. Most, if not all, of his movies are worth watching and are rather enjoyable pieces of cinema. There is no doubt the man is extremely talented, and his catalog of work only further backs it up.

TV Doctors Vs Real Life Doctors

Some of the most popular television series today revolve around the medical field. How much of what is shown in these series is true in reality?

The Greatest Films Starring Or Featuring Kevin Bacon

This article will focus on the illustrious career of Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon’s first movie was in 1978, and he has been starring in all sorts of movies ever since. He can dance, play comedic roles, serious roles, and is especially good at playing a villain in films.

The Greatest Ridley Scott Movies Of All Time

Any time I am discussing my favorite directors, one person who is definitely worthy of mentioning is Ridley Scott. There really aren’t any movies from this legendary director that I don’t enjoy. Both Ridley and Tony Scott have directing in their blood, and it truly shows with the quality of their films.

My Top Five Favorite Harrison Ford Films

I would be lying if I said that Harrison Ford was one of my favorite actors. I mean I really like the guy, but I just don’t think he has been in enough movies in recent years to warrant consideration. That is not to say I don’t enjoy his movies.

My Top Five Favorite Tony Scott Movies

Any time I discuss my favorite directors with friends, one person who I usually forget to mention is Tony Scott. Tony Scott is a good director, but he doesn’t have a legacy attached to his name like so many other great directors. But when you take a closer look and go through all the movies he has directed, you will see that he has definitely had his share of gems.