The Greatest Films From The Director Tony Scott

Tony Scott is one of the better action directors in the game today. He clearly has a distinct style; it is easy to recognize a Tony Scott film. He also seems to have an affinity for certain actors.

The Best Films Starring The Great Harrison Ford

One actor who has been around the block quite a few times is Harrison Ford. In every sense of the word, he is a true seasoned veteran of the film industry. There is no genre of film which Indiana Jones has not been a part of, and while he may not be the most amazing traditional actor, he is very well liked the world over.

The Greatest Movies From The Director Oliver Stone

One of the more controversial directors working in Hollywood today is Oliver Stone. Stone often picks sensitive subject matter to base his films around and is never afraid to take on taboo political topics. Regardless of how people feel about him, it is tough to deny that he is an incredibly talented director.

Mel Gibson And His Best Movies

Regardless of how we feel about the guy, Mel Gibson is one actor who has had his fair share of incredible movies. Whether those movies will have the same replay value remains to be seen. I have personally not tried to watch a Mel Gibson movie in quite some time.

Top 5 Heroes Of Westerns Films

I am undertaking an exercise fraught with danger here. Anytime one composes such a list he is virtually guaranteed to offend as many folks as he entertains. My choices are purely subjective and I freely admit the list that follows is simply one man’s opinion.

Bollywood the Largest Film Market in the World

Bollywood is the name used to refer the Hindi Film Industry in India. Bollywood has to its credit of releasing the highest amount of movies every year. Bollywood has overtaken the Hollywood industry in terms of the films released every year. Bollywood has its market world wide. Bollywood movies are also appreciated and watched in the Arab and the Western countries, due the language used in the movies contain tit bits of English and Urdu along with Hindi.

Movie Reels for Decoration

Nowadays people love to change their interior frequently. Through this they can have fresh feeling for living or working at the same place. Sometimes they use such themes for the decoration of their places.

How to Use Movie Reel Decor to Decorate Your Home Theater?

You can find many ways for adding style in the decoration of your home theatre. Why not turn your home theatre feel more as a real film theatre? It can be done with the use of movie reel decor.

Romantic Comedy Movies

Everyone needs a little romance in their life from time to time, and this list of romantic comedy movies is the perfect way to find it. From a Hepburn/Tracy pairing to John Belushi’s last film, I’ve tried to include movies that might be unfamiliar to modern viewers.

Top Horror Movies, Ghost Movies

Nothing like a good ghost movie on a cold night to warm things up by blood pumping quickly through your veins with fear fueled adrenaline. Eerie, transparent ghouls that whisper warning to you in the dark, telling you to check out these top twelve ghost movies.

Star Trek

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.

How To Make A Hit TV Show

The TV industry is a difficult and fickle one, and making a hit is an elusive craft. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it all boils down to a mix of a good idea, script, cast and production, but even they aren’t guarantees that a show will be popular. Instead, successful TV is often marked by a mix of common quirks as hard to explain as it is to manufacture, and clever choices with the cards they’re dealt.