Princess Mononoke – The Anime Masterpiece

The animation and storytelling help to make Princess Mononoke a masterpiece. After you watch the movie, the viewer can understand why Miyazaki is such a highly regarded filmmaker in Japan and wish to examine for other his works, for instance – Howl’s Moving Castle. Total, if you’re a fan of Miyazaki or just like Princess Mononoke, this release ought to be included in your DVD library.

New Distribution Scheme Brings Good News to Struggling Bangla Cinema

Fans of Bangla cinema in North America will find it easier to get access to watch their favorite Bangla actors and actresses if the plan of the Databazaar Media Ventures group succeeds. The group has launched a new venture aimed at the screening and distribution of good quality Bangla natok and other Bangla films in 19,000 retail outlets all over the United States and Canada. This move is expected to ensure that quality Bangla films will find their way into the entire foreign film viewing market.

Jay Leno Vs Conan Obrien, Who Do You Like?

When it comes to late night television there are two main choices – Jay Leno or Conan Obrien. Who do you like? Recently, Conan Obrien raked in an amazing two and a half million viewers for The Tonight Show. As a result of this, NBC suffered a large amount of ridicule from its viewers.

Aang The Great Leader

Avatar the legend of Aang is about a good spirited, 12 year old character that is a reincarnated spirit of the planet which has been manifested in a human child. Aang must master the 4 elements of the planet in order to reinstate peace. This large burden was dropped onto his shoulders early on in life which later was the cause of him being frozen in suspended animation for over 100 years until he was awakened by Sokka and Katara.

The Indie Movie Budget That Works

This increases the chance of attracting money you need to make your movie now, not later. On smaller budget films it’s better to put a budget together based on actual resources.

Have You Seen the Last Airbender Movie?

The last airbender movie which is due to be released on July 2, 2010 is based on the first season of the animated TV show, Avatar: the last airbender. The series which was influenced by Asian art involves a variety of mythological and real martial art style and techniques.

Reality Cheque?

Is life REALLY as bad as those “reality chat shows” on TV would have us believe? Ever watched Jeremy “Why don’t you put something on the end of it” Kyle, and got up from the sofa with a smile, because it makes your life seem so much better? Or ever told a friend that they should go on Jeremy Kyle, or felt like things were so bad that YOU should go on the show? Then this article is for you!!

The Details Behind the Movie

For those who have had the pleasure of watching Avatar the last airbender knows what it has to offer. This animated show created by Nickelodeon has captured the hearts of many including children and adults.

Girl’s Night In – Fashion School Tips For an Ultra-Chic “Sex and the City” Party

Watching the “Sex and the City” movie or television show is more fun when you make a party out of it. These party tips will help you celebrate as stylishly as Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.

Online DVD Rental – It’s Way Better, Find Out Why

Another remarkable feature of renting your DVDs online is the selection. Many online DVD rental locations have a selection of over 70,000 DVDs at your disposal. This way you never make it down to the local DVD store just to find out that the DVD you’re looking for isn’t in stock.

The Season Finale – Let Them Eat Cake!

Each year, all your favorite shows have a season finale. Ultimately, the “end” of a season-be it a reality series or an evolving drama series-carries tremendous weight and often determines whether or not viewers will be back for another delicious (slice of) cake.

Golden Couch In Nollywood – An Unethical Practice

This conversation takes place somewhere in an office on Cole street in Lagos at 7:30pm between a “wanna be celebrity actress” and a “producer/filmmaker/major stakeholder” with regards to an audition the former went for. The latter was part of the casting team, (typical of the Industry), and to a large extent calls the shot…