All About Reality TV Shows

TV shows have a wide variety when it comes to entertaining their audience. Often, innovations by new ideas entering this field, keep adding to the already kaleidoscopic spectrum revolutionizing the concept of entertainment. Visual mediums, being very effective, demand ever newer techniques to put across the countless ideas by new thinkers to effectively impress the targeted audience.

Video Standards – The International Challenge

Two major television/video formats are used around the world: NTSC and PAL. This article explores the differences between them.

Give Megan Fox a Break

Megan Fox takes a lot of slack from fanboys for her attitude and unquestionable beauty, but negative criticism is just part of being rich and famous. Sure, she can be obnoxious, but that doesn’t change the way anyone truly feels about her.

The Best Classic Christmas Movies

Have you started watching Christmas movies to nudge you into the Christmas spirit? Forget the shopping and trimming for a couple of hours and turn on a classic Christmas film to remind you what the season is all about.

The War of 8472 That Didn’t Happen

It was the best of times, it was the worst of time traveling that got them into trouble in the first place. Voyager was lost in the Delta quadrant not the submissive Gamma quadrant, nor the politically motivated Alpha quadrant, certainly not the 4th mostly unanimous mystery quadrant. This is the fierce, highly technological, ever-warring Delta quadrant.

Undercovers – NBC Picks Up New Spy Drama TV Series by JJ Abrams – 2010

After a break from the spy world (Alias), J.J. Abrams is making a return to the spy/drama scene with his new TV series, Undercovers, which will premiere in 2010 on NBC. Initially NBC, ABC and CBS were all battling for this new spy drama that J.J. Abrams wrote with Josh Remis, until NBC nailed a deal with Warner Bros. TV and J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot.

Simple Truths, Simple Lies

There two things that I love about the show. First is the coolness factor, I have to be honest and say that I am getting the itch to run out and buy a 1960s cut gray suit and white shirts with French cuffs!

The Best Christmas Movie of All Time

The Christmas season is an interesting time of the year for movie viewing. There are a number of perennial television and film favorites that are so well made that they attract new audiences year after year. Read about probably the best Christmas movie of all time here…

Julie & Julia – The Cordon Bleu Memories

How the recent movie Julie & Julia with Meryl Streep brought back the memories of the Cordon Bleu in Paris! How times have changed and why we should be grateful for the evolution of technology.

DVD Releases of Favorite Movies and TV Series

There are some people who are looking forward to DVD releases of their favorite movies that they know the schedule of the exact date of release. If you are one of them, the release dates are posted over at the World Wide Web so you can reserve a copy, buy it in advance and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Lighting For Video – How to Use Fill Light

When approaching how to light a scene in your video, you will look at the three components of scene lighting: key light, fill light and back (or rim) light (also called a kicker). In this article, we will focus on how to practically use fill light in your shots.

The Top Films of All Time

My father was a film critic, and as a child I was able to watch an incredible amount of movies with him. His love for film and since become my love for film, and I spend a lot of time watching, analysing and discussing films with my friends. I’ve decided to break down my personal top seven favourite films of all time.