The Right Way to Audition For Either Canadian Idol Or American Idol

We all want that instant fame. We want the fame that Jennifer Hudson, Paris Bennet, Carrie Underwood and other past American Idols got. However do we really have the talent to get it? Well, I have been watching both Canadian Idol and American Idol since it first came on the air. I kept asking myself, why would so many people embarrass themselves on the national television for? Why a lot of people were devastated when they did not get the golden ticket.

Battlestar Galactica – A Modern Science Fiction Masterpiece

When it was first announced that after years of speculation there would be a new Battlestar Galactica miniseries, science fiction and genre TV fans weren’t too sure whether or not it would be worth the effort. After all, as beloved as the original TV series was, it was far from brilliant.

Planet B-Boy Hip Hop Review

So you think break dancing was an art form that died in the ’80s? And you think you’ve seen it all and the dance isn’t worth five minutes of your time when you are passing through the Times Square subway station? Well, you haven’t seen the last of b-boying because this dance documentary mines b-boying from the underground and proves it is still as alive as any other dance form that has ever existed.

90210 TV Show – Can it Stand Against Its Predecessor?

90210 TV show is one of the latest teen dramas that CW has produced following the internet and teen market success of Gossip Girl. This teenage flick is not an entirely new enterprise since there was already a show using the same concept and formula in the 90’s—Beverly Hills 90210.

Morally Bankrupt Millionaire – Danny Boyle Dogged by Criticism

A wild and undulating romp through the patchwork of shanty towns and glittering streetscapes of Mumbai, “Slumdog Millionaire” leaves you breathless with its pulsating beat and heart-felt emotion. Nevertheless, director Danny Boyd’s Cinderella tale of the street urchin who grows up to become a national celebrity, landing the jackpot on India’s “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”, has perhaps generated as much controversy for its purportedly “white-man’s” view of India as it has garnered international praise.

Disney Princess Guide

How many parents listen to their kids talk for hours about their favorite Disney princess? Little girls love what they wear, what they do, and what they look like. This guide is to help you understand and play more effectively with your children by getting to know the main Disney princesses better.

No One Puts Baby in the Corner

It’s a brisk January morning in sunny Southern California. A blanket of morning smog dissipates, as the warm rays of the sun poke through. He waits backstage gazing off into the distance as a stiff wind swells and crashes onto his body.

Angel – Exhuming the Buffy Spin-Off

Angel was a strange show to these eyes. While it was hugely popular for much of its run, I never really ‘got’ the Angel universe as much as the Buffy universe that spawned it. It seemed to lack a little something in the way of characterization and punch at the time.

The Big Bang Theory TV Show

The Big Bang Theory portrays two hyper-intelligent and ultra geeky physicists, come room mates (Leonard and Sheldon) and what happens when an young charming woman (Penny) moves to the apartment next door. The nerds live in a technology-bound environment and are totally oblivious to the outside world.

Predator – Does the World Need a Reboot?

Thoughts on the announcement of the Predator movie remake. Does the world really need another version of this action classic?

The New Fox Series “Lie to Me” Validates the Work of Body Language Experts

When Fox launched the new hit series “Lie to Me” body language experts jumped for joy. Based on the research of Dr. Paul Ekman, “Lie to Me” uses the magic of Hollywood producers to highlight the science of this fascinating field. While researchers have long known that the verbal part of our message often represents less than 10% of the impact of our communication, the general public had previously been exposed to just a fraction of this revealing science.

On the Set

A hilarious look at how Hollywood goes about making movies and then distributing them, especially how the awful ones get through. How else can movies like the Toxic Avenger get explained?