Satellite TV – An Entertaining and Educational Resource

Whenever you were growing up, your parents probably often asked you to stop watching tv because they thought it wasn’t very useful. Often times, people think that TV is simply an outlet to escape through at the end of your workday or week, but the reality is that people don’t simply veg out while they watch TV.

Discover Amazing Wildlife From Your Couch With Satellite TV

One of the greatest things about satellite TV is that it can be a gateway into another world. Sure, you have access to hundreds of television shows and movies, but you also have access to a lot of fascinating information that can educate you on a whole variety of topics.

How Watching Toy Story 3 Can Teach The Essentials Of Teamwork

So I really enjoyed this movie and thought it had so many life applications for our profession. As I was thinking through the themes of the movie, I started thinking that it sounded an awful lot like the Pyramid of Success.

Australian Invasion Movie Just Released

A new adventure movie has just been released in Australia. And it looks set to do very well at the box office.

Monsters Inc – A Cartoon Movie For All Ages

Children are so afraid of monsters at night and use it as an excuse as to why they can’t sleep. Have you ever wondered if those monsters were more afraid of humans than we are of them? In this animated movie this is just the case.

White Collar – Company Man (2-8) Episode Review

The story begins as we find out one of the technical specialists at Novice Systems ends up murdered after developing the first working prototype of a new technical gadget that would make the company millions.  To solve the crime the FBI sends Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) to go undercover as a Certified Public Account sent to audit Novice Systems.

Was There a Batman and Female Robin?

Batman and Robin are still very popular, with a close to one century comic book run, the famous 1960s TV show, animated series, and quite a number of movies, both blockbuster and just extremely good. Fans numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and batman and Robin attire is very popular for Costume parties and Halloween.

Defendor – An Ordinary Hero

Defendor does what Kick-Ass tried to do: portray a superhero in a realistic way, except unlike Kick-Ass, it doesn’t veer into overkill by the second act. This hero has no powers, no fortune, and sometimes no clue. When he gets punched he bleeds, and most people rightfully think there is something wrong with him.

NCIS Season 8 – Prime Spoilers

The series tells “the extraordinary and risky job” carried out by the NCIS in the fight on organized crime, terrorist groups or foreign intelligence agencies “that constitute a serious threat to the U.S. Navy”. CBS bets again by the crime investigation series and incorporates into its programming the new version of the famous’ NCIS ‘, in this case set in Los Angeles and starring Chris O’Donnell and rapper, actor, producer, writer and former ‘SWAT ‘ LL Cool J.

George Clooney Plays The American Movie Too Safe

We were hoping George Clooney would be doing some good Jason Bourne stuff with The American, but now we wonder if he even read the script for this film. After watching this last night, I can see why they didn’t really hold any big premieres or press screenings and today, there’s not much written about it. That says it all.

Top Bollywood Celebrities – Katrina, Kareena, Deepika

For years the celebrities from the film industry have been the idols for youth of this developing nation of India. In the Indian sub-continent the top Bollywood celebrity list keeps on updating with time and their popularity is basically governed by the top films given by them.

Pretty Woman – How It Could Have Been

Anyone who loves movies will at least have heard of “Pretty Woman” more likely seen it. But “Pretty Woman” could have been a completely different movie with a darker storyline and different stars.