Family Guy Trivia – Do You Know Everything?

An entertaining and interesting board game is always a fun idea during an informal party. One that works well for people of all ages is Family Guy Trivial Pursuit. It is easier than the traditional version of the game which makes it a hit will almost everyone. The TV show by the same name is an animated, comical satire, and the game draws information from the show to create the questions.

Tina Fey: Rising Star of Satellite TV

When Sarah Palin was picked to be the nominee for Vice President of the United States on the Republican ticket alongside John McCain in 2008, many things changed in the country for good. Some people say her nomination lost McCain the presidency, but it has also given rise to Palin’s own career. She has since released two books, starred in a reality show that you can find on satellite TV, and become a contributing reporter on Fox News.

Carrie Ann Inaba – Our Favorite Dancing With The Stars Judge

Carrie Ann Inaba, our Favorite Dancing with the Stars Judge, has been a dancer and choreographer for over 20 yrs. So who better to become a judge on Dancing with the Stars than Carrie Ann Inaba?

Old-School Angelina: Catch Her First Performances on Satellite TV

Women want to be here, and men want to be with her. She’s the woman who managed to land Brad Pitt, climb to the top of Hollywood and stay there, and get paid to kiss Johnny Depp over and over again in the name of work. Angelina Jolie is one of the most magnetic personalities in Hollywood, and yet it’s possible these days for those who weren’t old enough (or paying attention enough) when she was first getting started to know much about the woman before days of international ambassador work, a partnership with Brad Pitt, and an ever-growing brood of children. The truth is that Angelina Jolie has been talented back when VHS and boxy televisions were the rage, and HDTV didn’t even exist yet. And anyone with satellite tv can catch up on her old films easily, as most of them make the rounds of television from time to time.

Save Money This Christmas Season With Blockbusters New Releases

The recent economic downturn has impacted everyone’s entertainment budget this Christmas. Renting a movie at home is an excellent way to cut costs but not limit the fun! Blockbuster has recently added a third method of renting films via their website, their section and the range of rental options makes it a very cheap and simple way to get your hands on the latest releases. This article explains three ways to rent movies by visiting a store, using their postal service, or online via On Demand.

Satellite TV Brings True Blood, Weeds, and Entourage to the Forefront

With the advent of satellite television, cable networks have become increasingly popular, producing a number of shows that have gained tract among viewers. Among these shows include the vampire drama series, True Blood, the black comedy-drama Weeds, and the popular drama series Entourage. All three series have gained tremendous popularity since their first airdate, breaking the trend and dominance of major network shows. Because they are on cable networks, these shows are more able to touch upon subjects major networks unable to broach, and produce the shows in a less traditional manner.

Satellite TV Helps Define Parody and Robbery

Let’s face it, in entertainment today there is a tendency to ‘borrow.’ The postmodern concept that everything under the sun has already been done, at least on television, so why not start reworking, revamping and recreating, has really sunk in with television studios, producers and viewers alike. People have grown comfortable with seeing the same reality show formulas again and again.

Why “Boardwalk Empire” Is One of the Best Shows on Satellite TV

It’s not unusual for critics and fans alike to champion “best” shows and then there be a great deal of disappointment when they don’t manage to live up to standards. After all, maintaining one’s status as a great moment in television gets a bit difficult, especially when the egos of countless directors, writers, and actors are all intertwined. The best moments in television are those where writers are given free reign to keep producing, the source material just happens to be rich enough that actors don’t get bored, and someone great is at the helm of the whole thing, managing the operating while ensuring that viewers on satellite TV stay in the millions.

First Love – Nepali Movie Review

In the chain of Nepali movies being made in the digital layout, First Love was released on the 6th of August all across the country. The movie made about 8 million rupees in the first week of its release, according to the producer and distributor of the film. The source also asserted that it was a record transaction for a Nepali movie.

Search Engines for Movie Reviews

There are search engines online that you will be able to use to find movie reviews of certain films that you are thinking about seeing but are still on the fence about. With the price of movie tickets what they are, it is no wonder that so many people are opting to go online and check out what other people think about films before they pay ten dollars to see them in a movie theater. You will be able to do searches online for what both every day viewers think and also critics that judge movies for a living.

Who Should Play John Marston in the Red Dead Redemption Movie

By now, most of you have probably heard that the hit Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 videogame Red Dead Redemption will be getting a movie adaptation.  You’ve probably also heard that the game’s protagonist, John Marston, is rumored to be played by none other than Brad Pitt.  While Pitt is a fine choice, given that these early announcements tend to taper off and not come to fruition, I’m here to offer up some alternatives to Pitt for the role.

James Cameron’s Aliens

Without a doubt, the Alien Franchise took off with the first movie, Alien. However, it wasn’t until we got a full viewing of the vision of James Cameroon in its sequel, Aliens, that the series truly came to life. Like the first movie, this one starred Sigourney Weaver, but unlike the first, this film totally rewrote the genre of the series.