Johnny Depp to Learn Spanish for Upcoming Role As Pancho Villa!

I cover the latest news about why Johnny Depp will have to learn Spanish for an upcoming role. Also, what the film is about and some basic history behind Pancho Villa.

World Cinema – Witch Hunt (2008)

Witch Hunt is a documentary throwing light on some hard-to-fathom events that took place in America. Read on and share your insight.

All About Britain’s Harry Potter Tour

Millions of people all around the world have been enchanted by the magical adventures of Harry Potter and his group of two close friends. Whether this sense of enchantment was gained by reading the books or simply watching the various movies as they have come out is immaterial. Nevertheless, it would definitely be an huge thrill for many fans to actually be able to visit the exact same scene in which the movies were filmed.

The Character And Charm Of London Film Locations

The Great British Isles have been a superb place for the filming of all sorts of legendary movie classics. The center of the action and a prime spot of capturing the British ideal is found in London film locations. Mixing old world beauty with new world class can create just the perfect setting for all sorts of movie magic.

TV Shows Impacting Society

TV shows have always effected cultural norms for many years and this still carries on today even with the addition of the internet and the countless content piracy websites online. TV shows have influenced almost every social aspect of our lives from the clothes on our backs to the food that we eat.

Which Is Better: Netflix, Redbox, or Amazon On Demand?

Renting DVDs at a traditional video store is quickly becoming a thing of the past. People are now getting movies faster and much cheaper thanks to Redbox, Netflix, and Amazon OnDemand. The million dollar question for consumers is “What service is the BEST and most affordable?”

Punjabi Movies Keep the Traditions of Punjab Alive

Punjabi movies help to keep the traditions and values of Punjabi culture alive. With the community that loves cinema and TV, and where still many people unfortunately can not read, the movies become the stories that unite the community. One important factor of the movies in India is that they do gift the audience also with amazing music. Many popular Punjabi songs come from the movies as well.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Netflix Streaming

There are many ways in which you can slay boredom, you can be able to engage in active activity or passive activity, and this is according to your own desires. Entertainment is one activity that you can engage in, this can be either active or passive thus it is upon you to choose on what suits you best.

Holocaust in Films

The holocaust is probably the most significant event in the history of Judaism and has found its way into film making, leaving an indelible impression in the form of some of the best Jewish films of all times. · Triumph of the Will This film is in the form of a propaganda that reveals details of the Nuremberg Rally by the Nazi Congress Party. It is a compelling narration that introduces a paradox into the hearts of the audience regarding Hitler’s personality.

Girls in White Dresses With Blue Satin Sashes – What the Von Trapp Family Actually Wore in Real Life

“Sew, a needle pulling thread”… The Sound of Music movie shows the von Trapp family as wearing sailor suits and heirloom European styles. In the 1950s, the Broadway musical costumed the Trapp girls in lacy “white dresses with blue satin sashes”. But have you ever wondered what the real von Trapp family actually wore? I know I certainly have, and was delighted to learn that Maria von Trapp really did make clothing out of curtains!

Percy Jackson? A Real Surprise!

I’ve kept away from Percy Jackson for the mere fact it seemed like a Harry potter meets clash of the titans mix and I though it would end up being a cheap B-movie for teens with some CGI graphics, but amazingly it wasn’t cliche it had some adult humour for the masses and was surprisingly able to create good characters from relatively unknown main actors, who came probably from American television. From what I’ve heard it is part of a trilogy and so hope to see more of them really. Don’t get me wrong it’s not going to get nominated for any prizes but as it goes for a Fantasy movie got 0-25 it does it job.

McCloud, An American Police Drama

McCloud is a police drama that was broadcast by an American TV from 1970 to 1977 on NBC Network. During the period of seven years McCloud remained under various rotations that was made by NBC network, such as, in the fall of 1970 NBC renewed the duration of the each episode of the series for sixty minutes and placed it in the rotation of its Wheel Format series Four in One, along with Night Gallery, San Francisco International Airport, and the Psychiatrist. Similarly in the fall of 1971, NBC again put the series of McCloud with two other new series…