What Is ‘Really’ Going On?

The boom of reality television shows (one in every four TV shows produced at present) is an interesting and more than frightening comment on our times. Yes, these shows are very popular and are much less expensive to produce, but they speak to a cultural trend that, when examined, is not pleasant to observe, much less think about.

New Movies Out On DVD – New Version of Robin Hood Comes to DVD

Robin Hood is one of the big blockbusters. No less than 30 Hollywood versions of Robin Hood have been produced, including some comedic ones. In the summer of 2010, Russell Crowe and the director from his Gladiator movie, Ridley Scott, presented a 2010 version of Robin Hood. Are we not entertained? Any resemblance to the Oscar-winning Gladiator is purely not…

Movie Review – Get Him to the Greek – 2010

Movie of the Day: ” et Him to the Greek” staring Jonah Hill & Russell Brand, Emotional roller coaster of a life and times of a rock and rock legends fast and furious life of trial and tribulations. Length: 1:53:53 Date of Review: 09-22-2010 Rating: 7.05 (good portrayal of ups of downs of a rock and roller, very funny, very gross and verbally aggressive at points but tastefully done).

Movie Review of the Day – The Traveler – 2010

Movie of the Day: ” The Traveler” staring Val Kilmer. A walk into the likes of Vincent Price action gory blood it is definitely a Horror fans delight.   Length: 1:35:56   Rating: 5.

Picking a Movie That You and Your Boyfriend Can Enjoy

I’m not exactly a stable relationship sort of person. It’s not to say that I’m not capable of loving someone or caring about them but I have no capacity whatsoever for committing to anyone. Some people believe this to be a major fault requiring counseling and advice but I like to think it’s a virtue.

Foods to Munch During Movies Sessions

I love the movie sessions. As for me, every time i associate movie times with the fancy that it is food time. It may be crazy but the fact that these snacks offer a great deal of entertainment, then without these foods, there is no fun at the movie.

Ron Howard’s Greatest Films In Recent Memory

This article will focus on the directing career of the great Ron Howard. Mr. Howard has had his fair share of acting in his career, but when all is said and done, he will be remembered as a great director, not actor.

Dancing With the Stars Season 11 Starts Up

Dancing with the Stars is really a wildly well-liked show. Considered to be within the ‘reality TV’ genre, Dancing with the Stars is now entering its eleventh season. The new cast of Hollywood stars dance partners was announced during an episode of ABC’s new reality show ‘Bachelor Pad’.

How to Audition for and Get on American Idol

You have two options if you want to be seen on American Idol. You can be either really good or really bad. Many people only have the latter option, but they don’t go far enough.

The Force Powers of Yoda – Jedi Master

Those familiar with the Star Wars Saga will certainly recognise the powerful Jedi Master Yoda. In the original trilogy, Yoda’s character was mainly that of a teacher, and it is not until the prequel movies that we see some of his abilities with the lightsaber. Long recognised as one of the most powerful Jedi in the universe, here is a brief summary of Yoda’s life and Force abilities.

Picking the Perfect Christmas Movie

It may seem like a long way a way, but you know how time flies, especially when you have kids! So give some thought to this years entertainment and start picking out this year’s ideal Christmas Movie.

Platinum Dreams Movie

Platinum Dreams is part of a trilogy. All three revolve around Jason Thomas, a record label owner, and the ups and downs of both the music business and his personal life.