The Greatest Movies From The Controversial Mel Gibson

One actor who has been in the spotlight quite often recently is Mel Gibson. I’d be lying if I said his recent stunts and drama has not tarnished my opinion of him badly. I don’t think he will ever star in another movie, and I think the best thing for him to do would be to remain silent for the next few years.

Animated Comedy Movies

Comedy movies have been around since film saw its beginnings, but the animated genre has gained popularity throughout recent years. Though animation is particularly popular with children, comedies geared at adult audiences have also been released in this spectacular format. It’s more commonly seen on the television networks (with animated adult comedy shows such as Family Guy and South Park) but it has been done on the big screen.

REC Vs Quarantine Movie Review

REC was one of those movies that we loved and can’t recommend highly enough. We first saw Quarantine which was a fine movie, but REC proves that the original is almost always the best. Think Ju-On vs The Grudge, Ringu vs The Ring and that sums up REC vs Quarantine.

Clint Eastwood Joins Matt Damon In The Hereafter

We’ve always admired Clint Eastwood’s work ethic and he’s like Woody Allen now putting out a film every couple years. Hereafter reunited Eastwood with Matt Damon after directing him in Invictus. We liked the film alright although critics seemed to think Eastwood had stumbled some. This trailer is looking like he may have again.

2010 Top Best Summer Movies

We’ve found this to be an interesting summer for movies. Not earth shattering by any means, but not a total dud either. Toy Story 3 and Inception were the highlights for us, and I think they were for most people. Toy Story 3 has made over 400 billion dollars worldwide with Inception closing in at near 300 billion. We won’t forget Avatar either, but that’s in it’s own class as its maker James Cameron.

Closet Land – Best Movies Review – An Answer For Apathy

We have always loved Closet Land for its strong message and this little gem starring Madeline Stowe and Alan Rickman is just as relevant today as when it first came out. This is a must film no matter where your politics lie or even if you don’t care about politics. It’s a great eye opener and a true cure for apathy.

Sam Rockwell Gets The Winning Season – Movie Review

We’ve always thought that Sam Rockwell has had a curious career ranging all over the place and recently with The Moon and now The Winning Season, he seems that he wants some serious recognition playing an alcoholic looking for some redemption. Rockwell’s in a film that should give some good recognition come awards time which is more than likely why it’s coming out now.

Comedy Movies In Hollywood

Comedy movies have a long history in Hollywood. Way back in the year 1900, a movie was screened in which people laugh at the continued sneezing of a man.

John Travolta – A True Icon

John Travolta is a living legend in Hollywood today. It was in the 70’s that he shot to fame with a mesmerizing performance in “Saturday Night Fever”, and the fact that he is till around acting speaks volumes about the abilities of the man and his acting talent.

Social Media at the Emmy’s

As we’ve seen before, there is immense power to strengthen your brand and reputation by holding a virtual press conference. Now, entertainment is taking social media and virtual outreach to a new level by making the Emmy Awards social. As Mashable reported earlier this week, the 2010 Emmy Awards will be equipped with Twitter, UStream and yfrog to bring a virtual real-time experience to audiences world-wide. But what are the elements that can make this event a success?

Biographical Films

There are so many biographical movies in existence. All one has to do to find them is to join an online movie store, and check out their biography section. Online DVD movie rental stores have a wide variety of biographical movies to choose from.

Film-Making Taught in 2 Days

If you think you have to go to film school to become a producer, think again. If you think a four year film degree will open the doors to the film industry, think again. Aspiring film-makers have a good teacher to help them along the way to celluloid fame. His name is Dov Simens.