A Change in the Time Slot for ‘No Ordinary Family’

The television world has seen a lot of new shows recently. There was a time just before, in which there was a lack of good TV shows.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

When it comes to action heroes there is no one better than Arnie. He fills the screen with his huge stature and perfectly placed one-liners. He has played characters ranging from a Kindergarten teacher to a US Marshall. You cannot mistake his voice when you hear it and more that one comedian or actor has imitated his Austrian accent. He is a movie icon because he never dies in any of his films but he does plenty of killing.

The Real Inglourious Basterds

If you haven’t seen Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds you’re in for one hell of a war film. The director who brought you Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2 has taken a stab at doing a World War II film.

3D TV Buying Guide Basics

If you want 3D TV in your home, you will need the following products to get set up. These 3D components are essential to delivering 3D entertainment…

History Of The Oscar Statuette

The Oscar Statuette is steeped in history ever since it became the symbol for iconic movies in the 1st ceremony 81 years ago. Anyone who is anyone in the movie world strives to win one of these Oscar Statuette’s and therefore cement their place in Oscar history.

Why the Movie Stagecoach Is the Most Influential Western

John Ford’s movie Stagecoach (1939) has a fair claim to be the most influential Western ever made. It was the director’s first attempt into the genre since 1926 and his first to be shot against the impressive scenery of Monument Valley. Ford was the film-making counterpart to Zane Grey, the ex-dentist turned writer who single-handedly revived the cowboy novel.

Digital TV Versus Analogue TV

The age of analogue television is nearing the end of its era, and digital TV is set to take over in Britain. But why is this happening, and what benefits does digital have over analogue?

Why I Love TV Guide

TV Guide is the best-selling entertainment magazine by far. It is mainly about television programming. It is also America’s top-selling entertainment publication and I fully understand why.

Patrick Swayze in Memoriam With 5 HD Films

The late Patrick Swayze had a magnetism that was rarely matched among actors of his generation. His performance in Dirty Dancing inspired teenage crushes around the world, while later films like Point Break and Donnie Darko continued to utilize his shaman like presence. If you were ever a fan of the late, great actor, do yourself a favor and review these five HD films on satellite TV which summarize his career in a nutshell.

Why I Loathe The Big Bang Theory

Supposedly if you’re a geek, you have to love The Big Bang Theory. But for some reason that I cannot fathom, this show just makes me want to puke garish, skittle coloured vomit.

The Place Of Gay Films In The Broader Culture

Despite being somewhat marginalized, gay and gay-accepting directors manage to create works of cultural significance through the use of art mediums such as cinematography. Gay videos and movies showcase both the hardships and rewards that are given from being a homosexual. These can also offer some insight into a moral or affliction that is present in the mind of society.

The Kids Are All Right Is a Pedestrian View of Same-Sex Marriage

The Kids Are All Right stars Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as a lesbian couple raising their teenage children, played by Mia Wasikowska and Josh Hutcherson. They each gave birth to one of the kids, both using the same sperm donor. When their son, Laser, wants to know about his birth father, his older sister Joni arranges for the two of them to meet the donor, played by Mark Ruffalo. What follows is an emotional account of how their lives are all changed by this meeting.