Top Movie Trilogies

They say three is a magic number. When it comes to movies this is not always true however every now and again a trilogy comes to pass that not only changes the face of Cinema but creates ripples that burrow themselves into popular culture so deep that it is hard to imagine a world without them. Here is a list of the top 5 Movie Trilogies that changed the world as we know it.

Why Are Modern Movie Posters Not As Good As the Classic B Movie Posters of the Past?

Modern movie posters are rubbish! They have no life, colour, inventiveness or artistic pretensions, they just have one job to do and that is clearly and concisely display a film in typical poster format to advertise the fact it is showing at a cinema near you now or in the near future. Full stop. Period. Boring! How has the movie industry allowed the quality of movie posters to fall to such a parlous state?

3D Movies – The Good And Not-So-Good

After the advancement of monochrome movies to colored films, 3D movies might be the greatest advancement made to the movies. Read on to find out different positive and negative aspects of these movies.

Please Consider These The Top 10 Recommended Martial Arts Movies

In this piece we will be taking a closer look at what this writer considers to be the Top 10 Recommended Martial Arts Movies of all time. Keep in mind that this is a very large genre and any type of top 10 list will typically carry very heavy debates. There is nothing on this planet like enjoying a great martial arts films, and this is why we are paying homage by offering this list. Many things were considered while developing this list however, in the end it seems like storyline was sometimes able to beat out the actual form and physical performance of the stunt men that helped make these films so great.

Movie Reel Decor for Theme Decoration

Movie reel decor is the thing which can help you to decorate your place with a very unique way. It is directly related with the movies and film shooting.

Double Indemnity: What Makes This Oldie A Goodie?

“Double Indemnity” is a movie for the ages and importantly – a movie that people are magnetically attracted to when it appears on television. The question is – what are the elements in this movie that makes it so great and why are we so drawn to this movie?

2012 – DVD Movie Review

So you say you like disaster movies. Well, boy do I have a movie for you that is the mother of all disasters. That’s not to say 2012 is a bad movie.

The Crimson Rivers – DVD Movie Review

The Crimson Rivers, a 2002 French movie with English subtitles is directed by Mathieu Kassovitz and stars Jean Reno and Vincent Cassal. It’s a taut physiological thriller with a surprise ending that will have you gasping for breath at the movie’s end. The Crimson Rivers was billed as “Se7en” meets the “Silence of the Lambs,” and in the first ten minutes of the movie you’ll see graphically why.

DVD Review – Sherlock Holmes Faces Death

Who doesn’t like a taut Sherlock Holmes who-done-it movie? Of course, we were spoiled by the brilliance of Jeremy Bretts’ Holmes on BBC Granada Television in the 80’s and 90’s, but we must not forget how compelling Basil Rathbone’s portrayal of Holmes was in the 1940’s, where, except for the first two movies, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” and “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” Holmes’ exploits were set in present World War II time time, rather than the Victorian times of the late 1800’s, when Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the memorable series.

Crimson Rivers: The Angels of the Apocalypse – DVD Review

“Crimson Rivers: The Angels of the Apocalypse,” directed by Olivier Dahan, is the 2004 sequel to the 2000 movie Crimson Rivers. “The Angels of the Apocalypse,” as in the first movie, stars French superstar actor Jean Reno as the supercop Niemans, but Vincent Cassel, his sidekick from the first movie is AOL, and is substituted for by Benoit Magimel, as the young cop Rada, who comes to Reno’s assistance in finding the gruesome murder of the “12 Apostles.”

North By Northwest Retrospective

North by Northwest is a film of perpetual motion. From the opening sequence showing the busy streets of Manhattan until the final image of a train entering a tunnel, there is not a single wasted moment in the entire film. This movie never stops to breathe or reflect, it simply hurtles forward.

Project Runway – Season 8, Episode 12 Recap

It was down to the final five on project runway. Michael C. just didn’t have what it takes to make it to the runway.