Societal Impact of Harry Potter Movies

Fantasy movies like Harry Potter plays a significant role in the minds of the young. In the flooding of movies of different genres and themes, what are the effects of these among the audience?

Alice Through the Looking Glass – One Hot Commodity

It’s been interesting seeing the many different incantations of Lewis Carroll’s classic story Alice Through The Looking Glass. In my lifetime there have been at least five film adaptations of the story, all of which try to give it a different spin and all of which I have enjoyed on some level. The classic Disney film Alice In Wonderland started the trend and translated what was originally meant to be a very dark and adult story into a kid-friendly romp – complete with colorful characters and musical numbers.

Why Is Lotso Huggin Bear Evil?

Just to let you know, this article will contain a few spoilers for people who have not yet seen the Toy Story 3 film. However, for those of you that do not care or have already seen the film we will have a look at why Lotso Huggin Bear has been described as evil.

The Top Five Movies Ever Made

The following is a list of the top five movies ever made. I will name the movie and then talk about why it is so great. Please enjoy my list, but you should come up with a list of your own.

My Top Five Favorite Danny Boyle Movies

When it comes to naming the best directors in Hollywood these days, Danny Boyle is one guy who is quickly climbing through the ranks. A recent film of his, Slumdog Millionaire, won the Academy Award for Best Picture and helped establish Boyle as one of the premiere directors in the movie industry. But what have been his best films?

The IMAX Experience – A Cinematic Revolution

Where once movies were displayed in dark, single screen cinemas with flickering projected images in black and white film, motion pictures have evolved into the groundbreaking, multi-million dollar, grandiose experience they are today. One such example of this is the IMAX film.

Dancing With the Stars Week 3 – Lowest Scoring Performances

Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars gave fans some great performances and some performances that were not as good. This article provides a brief overview of the four lowest scoring performances of the evening.

Tim Burton’s Greatest Films Of All Time

This article will discuss the movies and career of the incredibly interesting director Tim Burton. There is no doubt that Burton is one of the darkest directors around, and few directors have as distinct a style as he. You can tell a Tim Burton movie from a mile away, for better or for worse.

The Best Movie Quotes Come From Stewie, Brian and Peter

Guys love quoting movies they love. One guy, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, goes us all one better. He creates entire animated scenes that quotes movies he loves. Every episode seems to contain great references to movies we’re familiar with – with eerily perfect recreations of dialogue and even music!

Jim Carrey’s Latest Movie Roles

Jim Carrey has become quite an accomplished actor ever since he hit the big screen in the early 1980s. Although Carry did some early films but really became a household name on Mad TV. It was here that he showed the world his true talent and quirky physical comedy which would catapult his career.

Project Runway – Season 8, Episode 11 Recap

The remaining designers on Project Runway were challenged to create clothing to incorporate into Heidi Klum’s line for New Balance. At the end of the challenge, designer Chris Collins was eliminated from Project Runway.

Aakrosh – A Priyadarshan Movie Hits Back at Honour Killings in Bihar

Get ready for an action thriller of the kind you have never seen before! Priyadarshan’s multi-starrer ‘Aakrosh’ is an adaptation from an article about Honour Killings that featured in Times of India in 1995. The movie produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak and directed by Priyadarshan is set to release on 1st October 2010.