Watch CSI Miami Season 9 Episode 8 – Happy Birthday

After the Thanksgiving hiatus, CSI MIAMI was back tonight with “Happy Birthday”. Overall, the episode was great – it played more into the drama of the story line than actual detective work, though.

The Walking Dead Episode 4

The Walking Dead on AMC is a phenomenon for television. It is the first show in a very long time to deal with a zombie apocalypse in such a unique, and cinematographic way. There has been 4 episodes so far, and hopefully you have been keeping up with them.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 Recap – Tell It to the Frogs

Episode 3 of the ground breaking new zombie apocalypse show; The Walking Dead premiered on November 14th 2010 on the AMC television network. The Walking Dead Episode 3; Tell it to the frogs starts off where the last episode ended. The group that escaped from the mall comes back to camp.

The Walking Dead Episode 2 Recap – Guts

The Walking Dead episode 2 entitled Guts premiered on November 7th 2010. This show has really taken the nation by storm and people everywhere are loving it. In the last episode of The Walking Dead we are introduced to Rick Grimes, the protagonist of the series.

The Most Popular Series – Avatar Last Airbender Episodes

Avatar Last Airbender Episodes are incredibly popular world-wide, well loved and respected wherever it’s shown. Indeed it has one several prestigious awards.

Ways to Watch a Movie

The ways a person a view a movie. I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Netflix, Redbox, and renting movies from Public Libaries.

Factual Films

Factual films have grown in popularity over the last few years. With our hunger for the truth about what really goes on in the minds and meeting rooms of the leaders and policy makers of the world has come a thirst for answers.

The Matrix Trilogy – The Special Effects

The matrix trilogy took its place among the best action films of all time for a number of different reasons. The plot, the ideas, the characters, the design, and the action all played an important part in the success of the franchise.

New Leading Man Garrett Hedlund Feels No Pressure on TRON: LEGACY

Garrett Hedlund has played opposite Brad Pitt (Troy), Mark Wahlberg (Four Brothers), and Lindsay Lohan (Georgia Rule) in a supporting role but the Minnesota-born actor transitions to leading man status in TRON: LEGACY out December 17. Speaking to us from Montreal, Canada where he is currently on location for Walter Salles’ On The Road starring Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst, the TRON: LEGACY star says he doesn’t feel any pressure as the movie nears its opening weekend. “My mind is on shooting this film (On The Road).

The Five Must See George Clooney Films on Satellite TV

By now, there is no debate about how popular George Clooney is. While he may not have become, as many predicted, the era’s Cary Grant, he is certainly the face of this time period. Along the way, he has directed and starred in a number of terrific movies. Faces don’t always put the talent and looks to work (just think of Ben Affleck). Here are the five HD George Clooney movies that everyone must see now playing on satellite TV.

Harry Potter’s Rock N’ Roll Wizard

Harry Potter’s Natalia Tena has two reasons to celebrate. Her film HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Part 1 broke box office records with a $330.1 million worldwide take opening weekend and her band’s first single released the same week.

The Matrix Trilogy – The Original Matrix Appeal

The Matrix trilogy has become a famous example of a modern action franchise since its initial release in 1999. The three films have been praised and dissected since their release by everyone from college professors to award winning philosophers.