The Incredibles – The Computer Animated Superhero Adventure

This is an animated film where there are many people who have super powers. However, some people don’t want to be saved or in the process of helping they make things worse by collapsing a building. All the super heroes are asked to live normal lives and not use their powers ever again in public.

The Greatest James Cameron Movies Of His Career

When discussing the greatest directors working today, one person that you commonly hear mentioned is James Cameron. It is truly amazing considering the fact that, by Hollywood standards, James Cameron really hasn’t directed that many movies. He just seems to have such a high ratio of amazing films.

Alison Brie Is A Rising Star

Alison Brie is an actress playing roles on two hit series, Mad Men and Community. She’s branching out into film and in the next few years will be blowing up!

Quentin Tarantino’s Greatest Films To Date

Trying to comprise a list of the greatest Quentin Tarantino films is no easy task. It seems that every movie the man comes out with becomes a cult classic. There is no doubt that few directors have the cult following that Tarantino does.

‘New Amsterdam’ Mad Men Episode Recap

“New Amsterdam” is the fourth episode of Mad Men Season One, and features the misguided attempts at ambition that almost causes Pete Campbell to lose his career. The Bethlehem Steel company is a huge account for any ad company to have, and Pete knows that landing such an account would make his career in the company and to a larger extent the entire industry. Pete decides to take a risk by pitching his ad ideas to the lead Bethlehem Steel person in charge of marketing, and ends up ruffling Don Draper’s feathers due to a perceived overstepping of…

‘Marriage of Figaro’ Mad Men Episode Recap

“Marriage of Figaro” is the third episode of Mad Men’s first season, having an allusion to Pete Campbell’s marriage being finalized from the previous episode where he went on a honeymoon. Once Pete makes his triumphant return to the Sterling-Cooper office as a married man, the fellow ad men of the office chastise him (making quite inappropriate remarks on the roles of women in the process) after which Pete makes a special trip over to Peggy Olsen’s desk.

‘Maidenform’ Mad Men Episode Recap

“Maidenform” is the sixth episode of the second season of AMC’s Mad Men television series. The episode features Herman ‘Duck’ Phillips and his struggles in and out of the workplace, beginning with the fallout over his failed bid for American Airlines’ accounts after going against Don Draper to attempt to do so in the first place. He realizes he’s in the doghouse and needs to pull out a ‘win’ in order to get the respect of the office back, which doesn’t make things easier when a lucrative Playtex account is poached by rival ad company Maidenform.

Swamp People – The New Hit Series on the History Channel

If you haven’t seen the new series Swamp People on the History Channel yet you really should. It will really draw you in, mostly out of your own curiosity. Warning now though, if you are one that hates seeing any animal hurt this isn’t a show for you.

‘Long Weekend’ Mad Men Episode Recap

“Long Weekend” is the tenth episode of Mad Men’s first season, featuring the various activities that the Sterling-Cooper workers engage in during a small vacation from work. Prior to the weekend vacation, Betty Draper’s father arrives in town with his new girlfriend. While Betty disapproves of his father’s love interest, Don Draper simply tells her that her father is a man that needs assistance with basic things like making coffee in the morning, so he shouldn’t be picky about who is willing to be with him in his advanced age.

‘Ladies Room’ Episode Recap of Mad Men

“Ladies Room” is the second episode Mad Men Season One, and continues to introduce viewers to the recreated world of 1960s-era New York City via Peggy Olsen. Peggy and her supervisor Joan stave off the flirtatious advances of the men (who are very interested in the ‘new girl’ Peggy and want to know whether she is attached or not). Peggy, still harboring a crush on Pete Campbell, reacts uncomfortably while his work mates tell scandalous stories about him while he’s away on vacation with his fiancee.

‘Indian Summer’ Mad Men Episode Recap

“Indian Summer,” the eleventh Mad Men episode of the first season, begins with a disturbing scene as Adam Whitman, Don Draper’s biological half-brother, ships a shoebox to Don immediately before hanging himself in his own hotel room. The stack of dollar bills that Don paid him off with the last time they met were left on the table with a note that says “Enjoy next to the pile” for the person who finds Adam’s body. Though Don will not realize that Adam is dead until some time in the future, the audience knows at this moment that it…

‘For Those Who Think Young’ Mad Men Episode Recap

“For Those Who Think Young” is the first episode of Mad Men’s second season, and opens in February of 1962, over a year later than where the season one finale left off. Peggy is now a slimmer figure than she was in the last episodes of Season One (presumably thanks to her giving birth in the season finale as she was left in labor as a cliffhanger); Herman ‘Duck’ Phillips has been clashing heads with Don Draper at work, who effectively holds more sway than him despite not having a written contract with Sterling-Cooper and wants to convince Don to…