Best American TV Shows to Watch

American TV shows are absolutely addictive. Imagine coming back home after a hard day’s work. What would you really like to do?

Best American TV Shows You Can’t Miss

There is a whole range of excellent American TV shows which you are likely to enjoy a lot. These are incredibly funny or incredibly serious depending entirely on what you would rather prefer. So no matter what kind of preference you have, when it comes to some of the best American TV shows you will find something to your liking.

Popular Picks on the American TV

If you want to watch the best of American TV shows then you are spoilt for choice. There is always an incredible lot being aired on television and you can pick and choose from among your favorites. If you prefer watching sitcoms over very intense serious drama series then go in for options like The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Grounded for Life among plenty of other options.

Old TV Shows That Were Unforgettable

One of the old and unforgettable TV shows out there is definitely Seinfeld. Even the show ended years back, it still remains fresh in our memory. Among all the TV shows, it was definitely one of the most influential and most successful sitcoms on the 1990s, and it began as a pilot about a standup comic who uses the incidents and characters of his own life, for the basis of his material.

Why We Still Love Friends

Friends is among the TV shows that ended a long time back, but we still love it. Are you wondering why? Well, this was definitely one of the best TV shows ever to grace the screen, and we’re still crazy about it – we still laugh at the jokes because the humor is so fresh, we still cry at Ross and Rachel’s never-ending romance, and we still grimace at Chandler’s situations!

Why We Still Love the Simpsons

If you haven’t ever seen an episode of The Simpsons, consider yourself as not having lived. The Simpsons is and was one of the best TV shows out there in American television – the show itself has been praised to death. The first episode appeared in 1989, and since then, it has been going strong.

Television and American Society

Probably no other medium of communication and entertainment has such a huge impact on the American society as the television. You are not wrong in thinking that television has simply revolutionized the ways of living and thinking in America.

Pretty Little Liars

Most people think of the book series when they hear the phrase Pretty Little Liars, and they wouldn’t be wrong. The books introduced this intriguing story to the public, but it wasn’t intended that way. Originally, Alloy Entertainment, even though they themselves are a book packaging company, had to sell the rights to what was originally intended as a TV show to author Sara Shepard in 2006, and only after the whole series had gone to print, did it find the popularity that it needed to make it’s way onto TV.

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