London Bridge is Falling Down – Cowboy Construction Causes Buildings to Topple

Despite heightened public awareness, cowboy builders continue to cause big problems in London. Don’t let yourself become a victim of shoddy building practices.

The Best Daniel Day Lewis Films of All Time

I wish Daniel Day Lewis had more movies that he has starred in. Lewis is arguably the most talented actor working today, and his multiple Academy Award wins and nominations further back this claim. Since the start of his career, he has been nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role four times, and has won twice.

Observations From Avatar – Are the Na’vi Prehistoric Or Advanced?

Recently I had the chance to watch Avatar. The film is very rich on many levels, however, all through the movie the viewer gets an understanding of the of the Na’vi people’s appreciation of the energy between us all. It is very difficult to work out if in fact the Na’vi are meant to be advanced people or a race that hasn’t advanced as far as our modern society here on earth.

My Personal Favorite Nicholas Cage Movies in Recent Memory

Any time my friends and I get into a discussion of the best actors currently working today, one of the more controversial answers that always seems to come up is Nicholas Cage. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I love Nicholas Cage movies so much; I don’t think he’s the most versatile actor, and the films are rarely spectacular. But that does not stop him from being one of my favorites.

Angelina Jolie Will Reign As Cleopatra

If you haven’t heard yet, Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie will be donning the golden headdress to play the legendary Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra. To be produced by Scott Rudin, CLEOPATRA: A LIFE may remind movie goers of the last time a sexy movie star played this infamous Queen of the Nile. Only time will tell if Elizabeth Taylor (who portrayed the Queen in the 1963 $44 million epic film) will have to abdicate the iconic silver screen image of Cleopatra to Jolie.

The Best Bruce Willis Films to Date

Simply put, Bruce Willis is one of my favorite actors. There is no movie the guy has been in that I truly cannot stand, and there are only a handful of actors I can say that for. Not OT mention the fact that Bruce Willis has done way more movies than most other actors in his age bracket.

Actress Katie Holmes As Jackie O

Married to Tom Cruise, she’s Hollywood royalty and now Katie Holmes gets to portray the closest thing we’ve ever had to an American Princess – First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Holmes is shooting The History Channel’s upcoming mini-series, “The Kennedys” and is having no complaints about the costumes. Set to air in 2011, this biopic about President John F. Kennedy (played by Greg Kinnear) and his fashion-icon wife will air over eight hours, featuring numerous costume changes paying tribute to the 60s era. Long before Holmes was cast to play Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, she was often mentioned in the press to be a modern-day version of the style icon.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Greatest Movies to Date

Whether you like him or not, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most popular actors alive and will be for the foreseeable future (barring a Joaquin Phoenix meltdown). I happen to fall into the former group; I think he’s incredible and it is clear that at this point in time whatever movies he wants to do, he can. But which of his films are the best?

Furry Feet Are Fine For Hobbits

Hobbits are curious creatures – folks are endeared to Hobbits for many reasons, I love them because they have furry feet! Diminutive in statue, Hobbits are a fictional race created by J.R.R. Tolkien in his legendary novels and later brought to the big screen in The Lord of The Rings trilogy. On the horizon is a new movie based on the prologue to the three book series, “The Hobbit”. While getting the movie made has had its ups and downs, rumor has it that it is back on track and expected for release (part one, at least) some time in 2012.

Justice League Costumes in Upcoming Superhero Movie

Superheroes, they’re everywhere – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! With Marvel’s “The Avengers” scheduled for release in 2011, it brings back rumors of the “is-it or isn’t it” happening of a Justice League movie. Not too long back, DC Comics was into the production of their superhero movie, “Justice League: Mortal.” Rumor has it that the movie, to have been directed by George Miller, was already over $200 million in expenses before the axe on the project dropped while filming in Australia. Ouch. Surfing around on the internet, it seems like it may be gearing back up for 2013.

Waiting For the Big Reveal on Captain America Costumes

Oh my stars and garters, a big screen salute to the comic book’s Captain America is set for release sometime during summer 2011! Marvel Studios will be bringing their pumped-up patriot to star in a feature film called “Captain America: The First Avenger” and it will feature actor Chris Evans in the signature spandex suit. The plot in a bean shell; a US soldier gains super-human strength, power and agility after taking an experimental serum and ends up saving the world during WWII.

The Best Jack Nicholson Films of All Time

It’s a shame how much free time Jack Nicholson has on his hands these days. The guy is without a doubt one of the most accomplished actors of all time, and instead of continuing to churn out classics, he waits for the perfect movie before pouncing on it. In the meantime, you can catch him in the front row at the Staples Center.