Independent Film Investment

The Blair Witch Project or Clerks to The Passion of the Christ all have one thing in common: They are independent films, commonly known as indie films. Films such as these present a unique opportunity for investors to get involved with a creative project and see their names up on the big screen.

Documentary Review – The Universe

The quality of a TV documentary depends on a number of factors, namely the balance between information and entertainment. I have noticed many documentaries of late have went through a process of “dumbing” down and the educational merit of such documentaries is questionable. on the other hand a tedious or boring documentary will normally result in loss of interest or the viewer simply changing the channel.

How to Get Satellite TV on Your PC – Need to Know Before Checking Reviews

Want to get Satellite tv on your pc? Theres not much to it and I have done product reviews to save you time.

A Short History of Animation Films

Animation films have been a vital part of the movie industry. It brings to life painted or sketched images giving the illusion of movement. Learn more.

The Changing Scenario in Showcasing Independent Film

Who says making a success out of movies made on small budgets is difficult? The success story of independent films, a break-away from the major film companies in the US, says otherwise.

Gore – Black Leather and a Whole Lot of Hair – Horrifying Movie Monsters

Everyone has their own personal horror movie characters that they just love to hate. Some people may hate them because they disagree with their motives or because of their evil and manipulative natures. But I really hated those old movie monsters because they could make me piss in my pants from intense fear!

Film Review the Dark Knight (2008)

After the ferocious viral marketing campaign over the past few months, I went into the cinema with huge expectations, almost unreasonable; I had heard all kinds of accolades, most notably “The greatest comic book movie of all time”. I remained skeptical, though, because history tells us to. This is one of those rare occasions where the film not only met my expectations, it exceeded them.

Film Review – La Confidential (1997)

Captain Dudley Smith – “Go back to Jersey, sonny. This is the City of the Angels, and you haven’t got any wings.” Confirming my fascination for American crime fiction, Curtis Hanson’s L…

Is Blockbuster Online Video a Good Value?

Is it really better to have movies sent to your mailbox? Our intrepid reviewer seeks out the answers.

Actors on Acting – Part 4 – Agents

After you know your type, have gotten your head shots and have some training under your belt, you’re ready for an agent. I don’t believe that an actor, new to the profession, needs a business manager right from the start. What the actor needs is an agent or agents.

PC Satellite TV Review – Save Money, Pick the Right One.

PC Satellite TV Review goes over what you should look for in a service, what you need, and where to get it. This is an innovative technology that will soon be used by most everyone.

Satellite TV For PC – How to Get Streaming Satellite on Your Computer

Want to know how to get Satellite TV For PC? I describe what must be done in order to get this and where to go.