Must See: AMC’s Brand New Sci-Fi Zombie End of the World Television Show

On Halloween the 2010 season, the TV series premier of AMC’s new “The Walking Dead” opened. I myself am an enormous zombie buff, thus I was in fact extremely thrilled to watch this particular TV show.

Top Tips for Getting Started in the Film Industry

BECOMING a movie maker has never been easier since the invention of digital technology. As there are no ‘official’ movie making courses as such, getting started can often be confusing for the newbie. But like most things, if you know where to look, you can be up and running pretty quick with the basics.

Best Movies of 2008

Iron Man: One of the best superhero movies of all time. A great, fun ride led by Robert Downey Jr.

ShahRukh Khan – King Of Smoking!

Bollywood is a Big show Business that goes beyond the boundary of India. Every year thousands of Indian films are released and watched by millions in the world. Bollywood stars are famous and popular around the world. Their fanbase has no limit: from young babies, young children, teenagers, young people to adults and old people. These include non Indian speakers too.

Tekken Film 2010

Tekken the Motion Picture was made in 2010 Directed by Dwight H. Little. It is based on the popular fighting game series Tekken.

Media Manipulation – Our Reality Every Day

Media manipulation is part of our daily life. Each event is presented by the media in a way that is convenient for each of them.

Kings – The TV Series

Did you watch Kings? It was a great TV series…

Satellite Packages for Business

If you are a business that requires a satellite TV connection, there are plenty of different bundles and options to choose from. Most people would think only restaurant owners would truly need large packages of satellite TV connections, but this is simply not true. Many different types of business can take advantage of great deals on bulk packages from your personalized satellite installation company.

The Film Director’s Creative Process

To be a film director today, you need to know what is expected of you when you begin pre-production, when you step on the set, and when you are in the editing room. The film director is responsible for overseeing every creative aspect of a film. They develop a vision, guide the actor’s performance and determine what tone the film should have and what an audience should gain from the cinematic experience.

The Role of the Director During Pre-Production

Pre-production is the most important time for any director because it is the where we go through a “process of discovery.” Here is an overview of what is expected of a director during pre-production. Please keep in mind that all these pre-production activities will vary in time and importance depending on whether you are shooting a film or TV.

Rupert Grint A Plucky Sidekick?

What do Jackie Chan films, Harry Potter films, National Treasure and Sahara movie all have in common? They all have their plucky sidekicks. Sometimes the hero of the story is a little to serious, thats where the sidekick with his goofy one liner, comes in.

Technofiction Review of Ground Zero (2010)

Ground Zero is a watchable zombie film. This makes it a pleasant oddity. The production values and acting are good and the story did not pop me into disbelief too often.