Our Favorite Moves of 2010 (So Far)

Even with two months left, the year 2010 has had some great movies that are sure to be hot rentals for years to come. Some of our favorites may not be the most critically acclaimed, but we like them! Here is a list of some of our favorites:

The Tamil Film Industry

The Tamil film industry (also called as the Kollywood and Chennai movie industry) has at present the second biggest film maker in India. After Bollywood it is publishing movies throughout the world such as India, Sri Lanka to South Korea and Malaysia, as well as Canada, Western Europe and the United States.

How to Be a Good Actor

Acting is a passion for many. But for many it is their life. For all those who would want themselves at the top of the ladder, please follow these steps to have a very bright future.

Movie Review: Justice League – Crisis on Two Earths

I have enjoyed comic books and adaptations for years and now that I have two sons myself we enjoy delving into the worlds of DC and Marvel every now and again and being entertained with Superheroes fighting villains in grand style.  To this day even cartoon comic based movies are still quite entertaining and a good story and decent voice work can prove that you don’t need live actors and a two hundred million dollar budget to make an entertaining film.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Everything You Need To Know

Leonardo DiCaprio is a well known American actor who became a sensation worldwide with the movie Titanic. He is one of the most respected, daring and challenging actors of Hollywood today and is known for his diverse, sharp and intense roles. He mostly work with internationally acclaimed directors like Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan. He is seen most often in Martin Scorsese movies. He is one of those actors who refuse to conform to any cliche about actors.

Tyler Perry – Everything You Need To Know

Tyler Perry is one of America’s most successful filmmakers. He is an actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. He started his career with theater and rose to become a national figure with his first movie “Dairy of a Mad Black Woman” in 2005.

Our Favorite Movies of 2009

2009 had some great movies and of course Avatar is on our list. Here’s our list that the critics may or may not agree with.

Evil Clown Costumes

Bring in the clowns; the scary, sinister and serial-killing clowns — it is almost Halloween, after all! The evil clown has become an archetype of villainous behavior in post-modern American pop culture and scholarly papers have even been written on the topic such as “Cotton Candy Autopsy: Deconstructing Psycho-Killer Clowns by Mark Dery. Being scared of clowns, whether murderous, maudlin or just happy-normal, is actually labeled by psychologists as an irrational fear called “coulrophobia.” Coulrophobia has to do with the disconnect between person and persona when the face is disguised with layers of paint. Play up this fun-house horror character and scare your friends by dressing in an evil clown costume for Halloween.

TV Talk Show Host Day

Talk show hosts have the gift for gab and always seem to be able to root out those deep, dark secrets! Flip on the television anytime of the day or night and you’ll find your favorite personality yapping, dancing, cooking, and crafting away – and the best part is that these TV friends don’t require any maintenance at all. In light of Talk Show Host Day (yes, there is such a silly thing and it is happening today) and Halloween on the horizon, we are highlighting silly costume antics that a few of our favorite talk show hosts have taken part in.

Sudhir Mishra’s Yeh Saali Zindagi Trailer Starring Irrfan Khan, Chitrangda Singh

From the makers of ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’, ‘Chameli’ and ‘Traffic Signal’ comes another brilliant Bollywood movie ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’! Sudhir Mishra reunites with his favourite muse, the extremely talented Chitrangda Singh in this movie.

TV Show Review: Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000) – First Episode Recap

The first episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm has got to be one of the funniest episodes of any TV show ever made. Even if you have never seen an episode of this or Seinfeld before, you will absolutely love it.

Summer Movies of 1989: The Best Ever!

Here we are once again close to the end of yet another dreadful movie year. Tired sequels that have worn out their welcome a long time ago and comedies that barely result in more than a chuckle are littering our movie screens. 3-D has been giving a new lease on life with very little interest and sadly very little excitement. This tired process was first created to combat television in the 50’s and later resurrected in the early 80’s. This gimmick only meant we were bored in not only one dimension but three!