An Insight Look Into “Three Idiots”

Released during the Christmas week of the year 2009 release of the Bollywood flick titled “Three Idiots” proved to be the ultimate lucky charm accumulating around 1000 millions just within 4 days of the worldwide release. Three Idiots is continually doing rock solid business at both the Indian Box Office and abroad and is on its way to make entry right into the record books being the all time highest grosser in the world of Bollywood. This particular performance is in spite of the controversy which hounded it for a period but couldn’t have an impact on its overall performance…

The Real Trapp Family’s Story – Part 8 The Singing Group’s Farewell

When World War II had finally ended, the von Trapps were faced with the decision of whether to return to the luxurious property in Austria, or to settle down permanently in the United States and leave the Old World ways behind. The whole Trapp family had come to love America, so while they were still attached to their Austrian heritage, they declared America as their home and sold the Aigen property near Salzburg. But before they could enjoy their freedom for long, tragedy struck the family which threatened to end their career entirely.

Information On The Four Different Types Of Voice Over Jobs

Voice over jobs can be a very lucrative career option if you have the talent for it and also a nice strong voice. But before you get into any industry it is always a good idea to do a little research about it and be completely informed when you make the decision if it’s for you or not. In this article we will discuss the various different types of Voice Over or VO jobs that can be made available to you.

Randy Jackson Is Determined to Get an Idol

Randy Jackson who is the only original American Idol judge still on the show is determined to find a star this season. Randy Jackson says that the age requirement has been dropped to 15 years of age and they have been finding some great talent among the pool of kids. This may be true but the truth of the matter is is that they have not replaced a Simon like judge who spits out iconic one-liners, tells the truth to some of these goof balls who believe they can sing, and who can detect talent with the best of them.

All The Types Of Horror Movies

There are different genres of horror movies, and knowing they types can help you find the one that is perfect for you. It is not all blood and guts, there is a diverse range of these films for you to enjoy.

Hindi Movies That You Need To Watch Right Now

India is starting to be popular aided by the beginning of their high quality motion picture musicals or plays. It appears in which Hindi movies are trying its most effective being at par using the entire world.

Edox Watches to Be Featured in Spiderman 4

Luxury watch company Edox has released a statement implying that several of their exclusively designed timepieces shall be featured in the fourth installment of the highly-successful Spiderman series. The Swiss brand has stated that each member of the much anticipated movie’s cast shall be given the opportunity to choose the Edox watch that they will be donning in the film.

Tips on Writing a Movie Review

Writing a movie review is a fun way to share your opinions on a film you’ve seen with other people. It could also help bring in some extra cash!

Hot Hollywood Actress Celeste Thorson Shines Like A Star

Celeste Thorson stepped into the spotlight when she began appearing in television commercial advertisements for companies like Reebok, Lady Footlocker, Sprint, and Samsung. She became a name talent soon after she won the role of the sexy action star on “Destination X”. Celeste starred in the film, “Room Nine” that literally exploded on the big screen for the Hollywood Film Festival. She played a clever girl on the run who sets her truck on fire taking nothing but a mysterious suitcase.

Good Hair

Ladies, how many of y-…no wait, I should be fair about this; ladies and gentlemen who have meddled with the original nature of their hair – short of a haircut – please raise your hands (*raising my own hand in guilt*). Now those who do it on a less-than-regular basis, keep your hands up. Those that do it on a regular basis? And finally those that do it on such a regular basis that the dominant though perhaps unspoken word in your life is ‘thinning’ – thinning hair, thinning wallet, and therefore, thinning you.

The Real Von Trapp Family History – Part 6 (A House in Vermont)

Once the Trapp Family Singers were well-recognized in the United States, America joined World War II, forcing the von Trapps’ oldest sons to enlist in the army. If the absence of their voices from the singing group wasn’t a hard enough blow to the family, their presence was missed even more during the construction of the Trapps’ house in Vermont which was built almost entirely by the Captain, Maria, and their adult daughters! But with the family’s usual tenacity, they weathered this storm, too and came out even stronger for it.

DhobiGhat Movie Review

Blockbuster Indian movie of 2011. Movie of the year launching in January. Yes, I am talking about Amir Khan Starr er “DhobiGhat”, bollywood movie. Very high expectations from this movie after the success of 3 Idiots.