Breaking Into Hollywood – How Much Should I Ask People to Pay Me?

If you’re starting out or moving up in the entertainment industry, knowing what pay rate to ask for is particularly hard. In general, it’s very important not to sell yourself too short OR price yourself too high. What determines this is not just the “market rate” for the services you’re delivering. When you’re setting your fee for a job, take nine key things into consideration – every time.

Breaking Into Hollywood – Do I Need To Read The Trades?

I very regularly hear the question: “Why should I read the trades?” Here’s the quick answer: you have to read the trades to know what’s going on in the industry you’re trying to earn work, income and respect in. I think the better question is: “HOW should I read the trades?” That’s because once you zero in on the key information, you’ll be less overwhelmed by all of the additional stories that make reading the trades feel like such a task.

Breaking Into Hollywood – How Do I Sell My Own Reality TV Show?

How do you sell a reality show? Let’s start with the “gut” answer. If you’re like most people who work in reality TV, you sell a show by working for some years in reality television, amassing good credits and production experience, building strong relationships with production companies, networks and vendors, running someone else’s shows for trench education, then pitching your concepts and your solid reputation to make your first sale(s). If that doesn’t sound like you, or especially if it does, please read on.

Breaking Into Hollywood – How Do I Get A Job As A Story Analyst – Script Reader?

One of my first jobs in Los Angeles was as a story analyst at a major production company. If you’d love to spend long nights and weekends reading and analyzing the future hits (and not-so-much-a-hits) of Hollywood, here’s how you go after this fascinating, funny and frankly high burn-out entry-level gig.

How To Get A Disney Channel Acting Audition

Does you child have dreams and aspirations of being the next Disney Channel star? It’s difficult but its not impossible!

Internet Movie Rental – What is the Craze About?

Everybody is doing it and you are just sitting on your couch and wondering, what is the internet movie rental craze all about? Places like Netflix and Blockbuster Online are the well-known frontrunners in the game, but you want some variety and some choices from your internet movie rental company. What you want from your internet movie rental company is the ability to have access to the movie you want and that is what the craze is about, let’s take a deeper look.

“Finding Nemo” Earns an Oscar and Wins the Hearts of Children Everywhere

In the never ending battle to find good family films without filth and nasty surprises, Walt Disney Pictures comes to the rescue with “Finding Nemo”, an animated film about a fish rescue. Finding Nemo is everything that your average Hollywood film is not, a good, clean, entertaining story with likeable characters. Finding Nemo is anything but all wet, it will give you a good feeling in the dry comfort of your home. Add popcorn and low-sugar drinks, and it makes for a good family night together.

Alien Nation Summary

The science fiction TV show, Alien Nation, started airing in September 18, 1989 in FOX. The series is based on the movie with the same name that is launched in October 7, 1988. But the series ran for one season only because of insufficient funds that forced the show to stop airing in May 7, 1990.

“Camelot” Is a Magical Movie, and a Primer in Civilized Human Relationships and Growth

Camelot, released in 1967, celebrates its 40th anniversary this October, and was based on the 1960 musical play Camelot written by Alan Jay Lerner with music by Frederic Loewe. Camelot became a modern day legend when it was immortalized after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Camelot the play and Camelot the film were both truly inspirational musical productions. I felt in my heart that Camelot was also a primer in civilized human relationships and personal growth as well as a step forward for humanity.

Voice Overs Tell Stories

When producing a presentation, video, web video, podcast, or webisode, one of the most important aspects of the production is found in the copy writing and voice over.

More Players on Movie Download Field

Two of the biggest retailers, one online, and one brick-and-mortar, are entering the movie download business. Do they bring anything new to the table?

Adult Programming On Satellite Television

Understand the impact adult programming has had on satellite television.