How to Perform Criss Angel Tricks

Want to Learn how to Do Criss Angel Tricks? Come here and learn how through my search I now perform tricks just like Criss Angel. Get applause amaze your friends, even get paid to do tricks!

Movies – “I Am Legend (2007)” – “The Omega Man” Rip-Off Worth Seeing

“I Am Legend (2007)” is a rip-off of Charlton Heston’s cult classic “The Omega Man (1971)” down to the zombies coming out at sundown. But it’s an excellent rip-off thanks to Will Smith’s good acting, and immense production values pumped into this expensive production which was sorely lacking in the original. In this dystopian nightmare of a post-apocalyptic and post-plague New York City, we are treated to the heartbreak of a world with a single survivor, Robert Neville (Will Smith) and his German shepherd (and boy, can that dog act!). Will Smith carries the movie all on his own for quite a while until we come across the first other human-zombie. That’s quite a feat. An inspiring story of human courage, resilience and love in the face of EVERYTHING. If Dr. Neville and Anna could survive this, we all can survive whatever life keeps throwing at us in our daily lives. This is therapy in the form of a movie. This is hope, fine entertainment and art at its best.

Movies – Without a Doubt, “Doubt” is the Movie of the Year 2008

The movie “Doubt (2008)” is an experience you shouldn’t miss. It’s moral roller-coaster and ethical juggernaut of a story brought to life by two of the finest actors you can find in any country on any continent: Philip Seymour Hoffman (as Father Brendan Flynn) and Meryl Streep (as the sister with the impossible name: Aloysius Beauvier). The very last scene of this great film throws in a monkey wrench to big that you can never see it coming. And the film ends right there, leaving you stunned as though you’re zapped by a taser gun, without any adequate cooling off period to come back to your senses. You’ll go home fighting back your tears and looking deep into your own heart about the way you went through similar situations in your own past, sometimes in flying colors and sometimes in colors that faded fast into mediocrity and moral self-righteousness. You’ll be touched.

Movies – “Transformers (2007) – “Alien” Meets the Loud-Mouthed Smart Aleck With a Used Muscle Car

I love “Transformers” for all the many layers that it brings together. There’s the US Army over in Qatar, fighting a desert war. That’s one layer.

How to Get on Oprah

Oprah is indeed the gold standard, and her show carries weight not only because of Oprah’s massive viewership, but also because they’re loyal. She brings with her tens of millions of loyal viewers who trust her so implicitly, that they buy practically any book she recommends, any product she endorses and follow her advice on just about every topic from politics and parenting to bowling and basket-weaving.

Terminator Salvation – Judgement Day For the Franchise?

The new Terminator movie is getting nearer, and excitement is growing. Will this film restore faith in the Terminator franchise? Let’s take a look..

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Jim Carrey Jumps Right Back Into Comedies

It’s a “yes” for Jim Carrey! The actor, who was first known for his highly animated comedic film roles but has branched out to dramas and thrillers in the past decade, is back to what he does best in the new comedy Yes Man. The role is not unlike his past characters in films like Liar Liar and Bruce Almighty, which were definite box office hits, generating over $180 million and $240 million, respectively.

Bisexual Ikki Twins Talk About Love

Rikki Ikki and Vikki Ikki, better known as the bisexual sister act The Ikki Twins, talk about love and their sudden bout in the limelight in a recent interview. The sexy twosome are currently the hosts of MTV’s reality dating game show A Double Shot at Love, which is a follow-up to A Shot at Love, which was hosted by the equally titillating Tila Tequila. Both shows are heavy on bisexual themes.

Tom Cruise Unfazed by Bad Press on Valkyrie

Valkyrie, Tom Cruise’s latest film, has proven to be a bit tricky in terms of promotion, having gotten some bad press prior to its release on Christmas Day. Besides the film’s touchy subject of the rarely recalled German resistance against Adolf Hitler, the film is also touted as Cruise’s comeback vehicle-quite a tall order considering Cruise’s controversial behavior in recent years. Cruise, however, remains steadfast and enthusiastic during the film’s promotion.

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Valkyrie – The Tale of Two Themes

Today, I saw “Valkyrie.” It was a good film in spite of its 2 1/2 Stars rating. The low rating may be attributed to Tom Cruise’s currently bruised (due to his religion or for jumping on Oprah’s couch) reputation or misplaced political correctness (hypersensitivity to the historical treatment of Nazism).