Do You Believe Everything You Hear on TV – The Polls Suggest You Do

We all know that we cannot believe all that we read, hear, or see in the mass media, and yet, so many of us do. We all admit it is nonsense, but for someone reason people adopt it and claim it as their own, their personal opinions.

Men With Claws

The movies really seem to have a thing for men with claws; it must be some animal instinct in Hollywood. Whether used as weapons or slicing a steak, it can come in quite handy to have these extra long protrusions jetting out from your fingertips. Forget about nicely trimmed nails, you don’t need a nice manicure to dress up in some of these best Halloween costume ideas.

Raavan Gone, Ra 1 to Go

A lot was expected from Mani Ratnam’s colossal film Raavan starring real life couple Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai in the lead. This was a much hyped movie which did not click well. Something Bollywood is quite well acquainted with. Colossal much hyped movies failing at the box office. But the failure of Raavan leaves a lot of intriguing question unanswered.

Get Your Green on With Shrek Costumes

“It ain’t ogre till it’s orgre” or so the marketing execs say about the Shrek movie franchise that just released the fourth installment, “Shrek Forever After.” A favorite with both kids and their parents alike, the films have starred the lovable fairy-tale like animated characters voiced by some of the day’s most popular actors. With the success of the 4th Shrek movie, it is almost a given that Shrek costumes will be popular again this Halloween and for children’s birthday parties.

Marvel-ous Superheroes

With the recent release of Iron Man 2, fans are chomping at the bits to satisfy their appetites for superhero-based movies. Marvel Studios, the power-house responsible for some of our favorite comic book-inspired protagonists, has plans to roll out a several more films in this genre – maybe not faster than a speeding bullet, but coming in the next several years to a theater near you. The characters from these future movies would all make a great choice in your next Halloween costume.

Harry Potter’s Wizarding World

The character of Harry Potter has become a hero for our times since first introduced by writer J.R. Rowling in 1997. At the beginning of her beloved seven-book series, Harry was a scared and frightened boy just learning to cope with his wizarding ways. By the end of the epic tale, Harry had become an admirable, wise-for-his-years young man. His popularity is so far-reaching that the novels have been translated into 67 languages.

D’oh! It’s Doughnut Day

Calling all aficionados of frosted fried dough with sprinkles on top – it’s Donut Day, officially celebrated the first Friday in June. More delicious than nutritious, this celebration America’s favorite breakfast treat originally started in 1938 by the Salvation Army as a way to honor and raise fund for the volunteers of World War 1. However, it was American, Hansen Gregory, who takes credit for inventing the ring-shaped snack in 1847.

Television Shows That Can Be Watched More Than Once

Some shows can only be watched once. The following are not those shows.

The Significance of New Wave Films – Are They Important?

New wave films are considered to be the revolution of cinema and the modernisation of classic cinema rules. This can be seen through the French New Wave and The Dogme Movement. Each of these movements challenged the rules for cinema.

A Wonder of 3-D Films

To fly together with blue-skinned aborigines across some alien planet and to tumble helter-skelter downwards into the Rabbit’s cave together with Alice. Isn’t it wonderful? Phenomenal audience support for the films “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland” at box offices has exceeded the most daring of expectations.

The Success of the Movie Industry in Giving Quality Entertainment

There are many ways wherein we can already be entertained. Watching quality movies at home, playing in the casino and visiting bars are just few ways to spend a lazy day. Just open your eyes and appreciate all the efforts of the movie industry and entertainment world in giving us satisfaction.

Cast Away – A Lost at Sea Classic

In Cast Away, Tom Hanks plays a guy named Chuck who is one of the managers for Fed-ex. He begins by sending himself a package with a timer in it to see how long it will take for him to get it.