The Original Investigative News Show is Still Going Strong

How many times have people asked me, “Did you see the report on 60 MINUTES about…?” The articles seem to relate to so many people, and are often the starting point of relevant discussions. They cover subjects that are happening in the news, things that amaze you, others you are so glad you now know about, and the ones that are shamefully a part of our world.

Watch TV On Your Computer

How do you watch TV on your computer? Find out here and now.

James Bond, Al Pacino, and Robert DeNiro – My Oh My!

So I was catching up on movie news the other day, and started thinking about whether I could write an article linking together some of my favorite heroes – Daniel Craig (a new addition to the list, thanks to his performance in Casino Royale), Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro (two old-timers on the list). Here goes.

All About High School Musical Movie

It is no secret that High School Musical is the most successful movie franchise of Disney. A third installment of the movie is set to be released this year but this time the movie will be initially shown in movie theaters and not just the Disney cable channel.

Musical Numbers in The High School Musical Movie

High School Musical the Movie is an award-winning musical created for television. The movie released on the Disney Channel in January of 2006 became a highly successful movie franchise resulting in various products from the company including a DVD set, a touring concert and other. The movie also launched the careers of Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens into the big time.

Eva’s Too Hot To Be Desperate

Just when you think housewives are all about household chores and stuff, then you are definitely wrong. Meet this hot and sexy female fantasy – Eva Longoria Parker. You have known her as Gabrielle in the hit tv show Desperate Housewives, now know the story behind the face.

Online DVD Rental – The Truth Behind Online DVD Rental Services

If you like the idea of being able to return DVD’s to a physical store in exchange for free rentals and you don’t mind the big box corporate image, go with Blockbuster. Otherwise we feel the superior shipping fufillment and better selection of Netflix will satisfy the hungriest movie fanatic.

High School Musical Movie 2 Plot

High School Musical 2 became a successful sequel to the original movie. Set during the summer, it became the perfect movie to see the developments in the relationship of the characters.

Little People Small World

Do watch the television program Little People Small World? Do you know anything about little people? Do you know how much they have to change their life style just to be able to be able to live normal lives? Read on.

Give Big or Go Home! Oprah’s New TV Show Revolutionizes Living & Giving

Oprah’s new tv show The Big Give handpicked celebrities to judge the giving initiatives spearheaded to help genuinely needy people. Some recipients of charitable assistance were a wounded American soldier who was struggling making his monthly mortgage payment, a homeless woman, a UCLA medical student desirous of providing plastic surgery to underprivileged kids, a couple who selflessly care for downs syndrome children, and a woman whose husband was killed while working the late night shift at Home Depot as a store manager.

The Advantages Of HDTV And Digital TV

High definition televisions are in high demand but are you getting the most out of your new TV? There is a large difference between HDTV and digital television.

Project Runway Is Hot

Are you a creative person? Do you like to make your own clothing designs? Maybe you are a candidate for Project Runway. If you do not watch this fascinating, creative television show, you are truly missing something which is entertaining and educational. Read on.