Best and Worst Movies of 2008

The movies that brought us up, and the ones that severely let us down. Here is a recap of last year’s movies busts and blockbusters.

How Did a Squinty Eyed Sailor Like Popeye Stay So Popular For Over 60 Years?

He’s our first collection love. But why Popeye? Whats so special for us? What does he stand for? Where did it lead?

The Story of the Dr Who Ood

Like many of the Dr Who characters the Ood have been developed and given a history. The Ood have appeared in a couple of episodes and their story has been fed to us across the episodes.

YouTube Funny Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing website on the internet. This is an introduction on how to find the best videos on YouTube. So that you never get bored.

Young Girls Movies Gallery

Young girls movies can be either movies for girls or about girls. These two categories are caused by the thing that the age of young girls can be really different. As a rule all the girls in the range of 6 to 15 years are called young girls. Some movies are popular with young girls who are 7, and others are watched by girls who are 15 years old. But young girls movies are always kind, hope-giving and can be a bit romantic. There are a lion’s share of young girls in art niche.

Black Women in Television and Film – Grace in the Face of Discrimination

When I was fourteen, I traveled to North Carolina with my mother to her home town in Greensboro and experienced a kind of racism that gave me a serious wake up call about discrimination. I was angry, confused and hurt that we could have been arrested just for shopping like normal people and the experience affects me still today.

Watch a TV Show Online

There are absolutely thousands of websites that allow a web user to watch TV shows online. Like Hulu and other web domains that host online video content, they are all helping those who missed watching their favorite TV show episodes to view them again on their computer screens.

Oscar Winning Movie Revives Interest in Game Show

The film has won many awards, including the Best Picture prize at the 2009 Academy Awards. In the meantime, it has also helped increase interest and desire in restarting the Millionaire game show that had so many viewers captivated when it first premiered in 1998.

Understanding the Differences Between Roll-Up Captioning, Pop-on Captioning, and Subtitling

Do you know the difference? I find that most people think the subtitles and captions are the same thing, but in fact, they are not.

History of the Tiburon Film Festival in Marin County California

The Tiburon Film Festival is an independent movie festival which appeals to international filmmakers and movie buffs from around the globe. Learn more about this event held in Marin County, California.

Hollywood Upcoming Movies – Wonderful Movies on Way

Movies from Hollywood are entertaining the people from all over the world for a long time. These days also some good Hollywood movies news are coming in limelight due o their innovative subjects and unique plots.

The Femme Fatale Image in Cinema

They were the bad girls of cinema, who added much pizazz to the script doing cabarets in smoky nightclubs, brandishing guns and dancing provocatively to tunes of erotic songs in the hero’s lap. Here is the portrayal, power, violence, sexuality, and fringe femininity of the femme fatale in films.