Dexter and His Own Personal Justice on HD

The quirky, mysterious music begins highlighted by the pluck of the guitar strings. As the beginning credits go on, we are taken through seemingly innocent visuals of a man getting ready for work doubled with acutely violent imagery. All the images have a slightly eerie twinge: the extraction of juice from a blood orange, an undershirt being tightly pulled over a man’s face as he dresses, the close-up of the same man flossing his teeth.

3 Biggest Lost Final Season Mysteries

The hit ABC television show Lost has produced more questions than answers over its first five seasons. With the airing of the final season in 2010 fans all over the world have three main mysterious at the front of their minds. This article discusses those mysteries.

Lost Relationships – Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet

There are four main characters in the show Lost that have been romantically involved in one way or another. This article discusses the components this story as it has been described on the ABC show Lost.

The Music Television Revival on Satellite TV

Back when MTV – Music Television – first appeared on August 1, 1981, it promised to change the way music would forever be viewed. Before it’s time, people never imagined that music could actually be watched on television. The societal norm was simply listening to the radio, vinyl record or a cassette tape on a stereo or in the car. Yet, once the station premiered for the first time and played the appropriate “Video Killed the Radio Star” music video, by The Buggles (the first video ever to appear on MTV), everything changed.

The Top 5 Paul Walker Movies on Satellite TV

You’ve surely seen him in a movie; you may even have taken the time to pop his name into an image search on your favorite web browser. Either way, you’re familiar with this Hollywood hunk.

Even Greater Hollywood Flops on Satellite TV

When Hollywood makes a flop, an obvious one that makes little to no money in the box office, acts of desperation soon follow. For some failures, studio executives are fired. For others, investors look towards foreign markets, high definition Blu-Ray disc sales and any additional means of revenue. And of course, some are just completely pulled, leaving the studios as soon as they arrive in order to save some sort of face within the Hollywood movie world.

Great Movies to Share With Your Children

There were several movies that my parents and I watched together during my childhood years. I can remember thinking that some of those movies were just way too outdated since they had actually first watched them when they were kids. On the other hand, some of those movies were exactly the opposite.

Five Tips to Organize Movies in Your Home

You can organize movies in your home quite easily – when you know how to get started. This chore has probably been on your list of things to do for a while, but since many of these chores tend to fall by the wayside when you’re stressed, you may have pushed it aside. With these give tips, you can organize movies and get a hold of your entertainment collection once more.

Cable Trends – Predicting Stock Value As a Percentage of Division

Cable industry stocks, like all tech stocks, have seen their ups and downs when it comes to performance. The industry has been through periods of high infrastructure spending, acquisitions and divestitures, increased programming costs, higher retransmission costs, and competitive pressures, each playing its own role in keeping values lower. How do industry revenue streams effect stock prices today with increasing changes within the marketplace becoming more common, and how will these market shifts impact those revenues and subsequently stock prices?

A Forgotten LDS Art – Film Strips

Filmstrips were used to tell the Mormon message; they told Book of Mormon Stories, Church History Stories, and also taught lessons to youth, teachers and leaders. This technology was popular among members of the Mormon faith, and many public schools used this technology as well.

“Paris, Texas” Out on Blu Ray

Criterion has now released ‘Paris, Texas’ on Blu-ray and DVD. This is another Wim Wender directed film that promises to reap high returns from the home video collection market. Previously, Criterion released another Wender movie ‘Wings of Desire.

Romantic Comedies That Make Men Laugh

Most of the men I know take their wives or girlfriends to see the newest romantic comedy with less than enthusiastic hearts. I wanted to share this little bit of advise to the men and women out there who love movies, but maybe not the same genre of movie.