Internet TV Advertising

Magazine ads notably tell you their web sites. TV news programs always send you to their Web sites. This is for the simple reason that web site traffic is convertible to dollars if they can convert the traffic into transactions. That’s the general idea – to get you more persuasively engaged.

Lindsay Lohan – A Short Biography

When you think of Lindsay Lohan, do you think of her role in The Parent Trap, or who can forget her portrayal of teen angst in Mean Girls. If you are a fan of Lindsay Lohan, let me give you a quick biography of her life.

Great Halloween Movie Ideas – Haunted Houses

If you’re looking for something fun to watch this Halloween, consider these haunted house/ scary movies. Just keep in mind that these movies are not approved for children or more sensitive viewers.

The Tao of the Easy Rider

The very title Easy Rider (1969) suggests a Taoist theme, for the movie wasnt titled, Struggling Rider, but Easy Rider. Rather than struggling against Nature and the world, the motorcyclists were flowing with the Tao, the Way of Nature.

The “Doctor Who” Exhibition

The “Doctor Who” Exhibition at the Red Dragon Centre, Cardiff Bay, Wales, United Kingdom (near Cardiff Studios) is a great holiday getaway for fans of the United Kingdom’s favourite Time Lord. Cardiff Studios is working with BBC in broadcasting the rejuvenated “Doctor Who” series, as well as spinoffs like “Torchwood”. This is a great destination full of great Doctor Who memories.

African American Movies and DVD’s

African American movies have often focused on the troubling history of blacks in America. As most people know, Africans were taken from their homeland and transported to the United States where they were forced to work as unpaid laborers and were frequently abused and subjected to inhumane treatment. It was not until Abraham Lincoln composed his famous Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 that slaves were officially set free.

Eminem and 8 Mile Road – The Real Story

Though performed by Eminem, 8 Mile Road is a song written by his character in the film, B. Rabbit. It’s interesting to see the parallels between the two: the family struggles, concern for children (Eminem’s daughter and Rabbit’s little sister), a whacked out mother, and a wife/girlfriend that’s driving him nuts.

He is the Sexiest Male Alive

He has superb body, great style, unique life style, very innocent face, big black eyes, awesome talking and dressing style, above all very kind heart. The Dream Man of every women, he is the sexiest male alive in the world.

How an Ice Cream Seller Became Super Star of Hollywood and 7 Times Mr Universe

Who says we can’t make our own luck. This is absolutely unbelievable story of a person who was one of unluckiest child but he made his luck himself and achieved the highest success.

Movie-Script Transcription Services

Time was when movie makers used hand-written scripts for movies, but times have changed and screen writing has become an organized profession, it is a creative process. The movie screenplays need formatting, so that actors are able to read the script and play their part assigned to them.

Select Cheap TVs From Reputed Brands For Long Life

Consider your budget and your actual needs before deciding to buy a CRT, LCD or plasma TV. You are not going to buy a television every month. When you buy a TV, you will naturally expect to live with it for at least the next 5 years. Hence, purchasing cheap TVs without going into their merits is not a wise decision.

Movie Clips Can Leave You Wanting For More

The price of movie tickets is so exorbitant these days. That is why I always make sure that the money I spend will not go to waste by watching a bland movie.