Best 2010 Movies!

2010 has been one of the best years for movies in this entire decade. If we start counting the hit blockbusters of this year, the list seems endless. However, if you talk about the best of the bests in the league, then the most prominent names that strike my memory are mentioned below:

Jewish Films

Jewish films are a wide category that includes a few main sub-categories as Holocaust and Israeli films. Jewish movies relate to films that deal with a wide range of issues and aspects that are related to Jewish tradition, Jewish history and Jewish experience as a whole. This category includes different genres such as documentary, feature films, comedy, historic films, Holocaust films etc.

Gold In The Movies

Just like stories, movies are reflections of our deepest desires, dreams or beliefs. Gold appears very often in them as it represents an irresistible attraction and it is a guarantee of their success. Whether they illustrate the way this precious metal can destroy lives, the ancient worship of gold as a pure, divine material or the way it can improve or spice a person’s life, movies are better when they are speckled with shiny dust.

Celluloid Happy Endings: Five Uplifting Films on Satellite TV

With snow gathering on the ground and plenty of people starting to feel the strain of a long winter ahead, it makes sense that turning to entertainment options that are slightly more uplifting is the current favorite pick. And for anyone who has already exhausted a home DVD collection during the holidays with the family and is currently tired of watching programming from the various channels wheeling out their in-between television shows, it makes sense to look towards other materials for a smile and a laugh. With the various different film-oriented channels available on satellite tv, it’s no trouble at all to find a happy ending. Here are five uplifting films designed to cure anyone’s seasonal affective disorder.

Let Satellite TV Remold Your Impressions of Home Entertainment

Home entertainment is a term that has come to acquire an ever-broader definition. At this point, home entertainment isn’t just about the television service you have (though that remains an integral component of the overall recipe); it’s about several other factors as well, including the image quality your TV provides, the kind of sound system you are plugged into, and the degree of control you have over these various products and services. One way that many Americans are drastically reshaping their impressions of what home entertainment can potentially be about is by signing up for a satellite TV service, which offers several unique features that nobody would want to pass up at this point.

Blue Murder

So browsing around the library in the DVD section one Friday I happened upon this series. Because it is an English detective/drama I was drawn to it, I admit, but it is fantabulous!

Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby boasts a stellar cast of veteran British actors including Hugh Laurie and Joely Richardson as Sam and Lucy in the lead roles. The basic premise is about a married couple who are trying to get pregnant and come to the conclusion that they are infertile.

Me Without You

Me Without You is a movie is set in England about two girls who grow up together in the suburbs. One is a bright Jewish girl, Holly, whose mother constantly tells her that the world is full of girls who are either pretty or smart and she is the latter.

Garden State

Garden State is a movie focuses on a young man named Andrew (played by Zach Braff) who goes home to New Jersey, after being away for nine years, for his mother’s funeral. He is an actor in California now but not at all happy.

Mistress of Spices

This is a movie I have wanted to see for ages and I finally got my hands on it. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

Now You’re Going To Get To See Star Wars in 3D?

Okay I’ve been a Star Wars fan for almost 30 years now. I’ve consumed all the games, toys and remakes of the movies that any loyal Star Wars fan can. But now it appears that Lucas is going to remake the entire 6 Star Wars movies in 3D? What the hell?

What Was The Best Lightsaber Duel in Star Wars?

This is one of those questions that just popped into my head the other day. And it’s bugging me to be honest. We’ve now had 6 Star Wars movies in total right?