A List Of The Best Directors Working In Hollywood Today

While the media chooses to idolize movie stars and praise their great work, some of the people that should be getting more love are the directors. After all, it is the director that brings everything together. You can have an incredible actor with an incredible script, but when it comes to making a movie, the director has to be on point.

The Films of Danny Boyle – Exploring an Eclectic Directors’ Career on Satellite TV

There are directors who manage to stay famous in a familiar name sort of way, and there are others who aren’t quite at the tips of tongues across the world. While remembering the name of blockbuster film directors like Martin Scorcese and Clint Eastwood might be simple, Danny Boyle’s two names don’t have the same kind of recognition.

Sappy Yet Sweet Films on Satellite TV to Rekindle Your Belief in Love

Even the most cynical realist sometimes ends up accidentally falling in love. And the condition of being hopelessly smitten with someone can really do a number on anyone, but it’s particularly tough on those who don’t usually watch romantic films.

Twilight Posters – The Best Gift for a Fan

Vampires have become popular again thanks to the success of Twilight. The characters successfully built up a large fanbase from people all over the world. Not only are the movies instant box office hits but now merchandise related to the film has become top sellers. New additions are added all the time which increases the prices of the older items. For fans and collectors it is important to make fast purchases when items become available.

The Best Steven Spielberg Movies Of All Time

Any time you are going to have a discussion about the greatest directors of all time, one person who must be mentioned is Steven Spielberg. For decades now, Spielberg has been churning out classics that both our children and we continue to see. When it comes to directors with a catalog of classic films, few come close to Spielberg.

The Great Martin Scorsese And His Best Directed Films

Plain and simple, Martin Scorsese is easily one of the best directors of all time. It would seem that any film that he takes control of is destined for greatness. When going through his catalog of movies, it surely appears that most of his movies are incredible.

The Incredible Joe Pesci And His Best Movies

Joe Pesci is one of the most underrated actors of the past few decades. Maybe that is because he has taken ample time off over the last ten years and has faded from the public spotlight. Not that he was ever one to enjoy the Hollywood fame, but there are very few movies that he has been a part of in recent years.

5 Best Superhero Husbands

Superheroes aren’t only interesting to guys, women have been ogling them for decades as well! They’re strong, smart and look great in their super suits! Here is a list of the top 5 superheroes that would make the best husbands. Now the next time your boyfriend/husband wants to go see the latest comic book hero movie, you can tag along without complaint because you’ll be sizing up the main star’s eligibility!

Mamma Mia the Movie Is Fantastic Entertainment

Mamma Mia the movie equals energy. That was the overriding impression and feeling I experienced with this movie. I had to refrain from jumping out of my seat and dancing on the spot along with the people on the screen. Of course it helped to be familiar with the ABBA songs, but even if one wasn’t, this was a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

The Best Dustin Hoffman Movies Of All Time

In my opinion, and the opinions of the majority of movie fans, one of the greatest actors of all time is, without a doubt, Dustin Hoffman. Ever since his breakout role in 1967’s The Graduate, Hoffman has been one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. While everyone has their own favorites, this article will list my top 5 favorite Dustin Hoffman movies.

My Favorite Sean Penn Films Of All Time

Sean Penn is one actor who has definitely been the center of a good amount of controversy in recent years. It seems he cannot stay out of the spotlight, whether he means to or not. Aside from the press he may receive from the general public, there is no doubt that Sean Penn is an incredibly talented actor with a wide array of excellent films.

A Better Worldview – Watching Foreign Films With Satellite TV

Getting a better cultural IQ definitely takes a bit of work. After all, not everyone can afford to head off to liberal arts school, where classes sometimes come as electives, rather than requirements. And even those who do head off with visions in their head of exciting afternoons packed with Godard classics sometimes find themselves demystified in an academic environment that spends more time focusing on the economy or working to recontextualize the popularity of satellite tv in the current political process.