The Movie Puncture Is Based On The Infamous Roll Group Purchasing Organizations Played In Business

If you are into the real life dishonest devious tricks that big businesses will stoop to in order to perpetrate fraud on the American public, you will certainly love Puncture the movie. It exposes the Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), that forced every citizen to spend more for health care than was required.

The Movie Puncture Is An Action Packed Legal Production

If you are into high stress real world situations played out in the movies, where the outcome can and does have an effect on your life, then you should really enjoy the movie Puncture. Starring in it is Chris Evans, who plays an attorney, whose name is Mike Weiss.

Chris Evans Gets The Starring Role In The Puncture Movie

Chris Evans is on a big time roll currently, landing the starring roles in the high flying action movie Captain America, and the extremely suspenseful legal drama, the Puncture Movie. Hopefully, both of these very different portrayals will be just what he needs to propel his career to where he wants it to be.

Mike Weiss and Paul Danziger Were The Real Life Attorneys Portrayed In The Puncture Movie

Chris Evans plays Mike Weiss, and Mark Kassen plays Paul Danziger in the new movie Puncture. In another new movie that is coming out, Captain America, Chris Evans is also the star in that one. Puncture is based on an actual court case that happened in the 1990’s.

The Puncture Movie Is A Thrilling Legal Drama That Should Not Be Missed

If you are a movie fan that is into actual real life stories, the Puncture Movie is not only true, it is very difficult to believe that something like this could still go on in America. Essentially, the movie details a scam that was perpetuated on every American citizen, forcing all of us to pay more in medical bills because of it. In the early 1990’s, an inventor named Jeffrey Dancort’s came up with a new type of syringe.

Chris Evans Stars In The Movie Puncture

As we all know, Chris Evans is a pretty big star on his way up. In fact, he is even starring in the soon to be released Captain America movie. But, in the Puncture movie, you will have an opportunity to see him play a role, like you have never seen him perform before.

Mark Kassen And Chris Evans Star In Puncture The Movie

The movie Puncture is set to arrive at the big screen soon, and it will star Chris Evans and Mark Kassen. While most of us already will have seen Chris’s work previously, this might be the first time that you will have had an opportunity to watch Mark in such a large dynamic role.

Shake Up Or Ship Out!

For years Hollywood has been plagued with atrocities that continue to dismantle and disrupt the flow of harmony in a town that is driven by greed and egomaniacs rather than the balance of the dance between creativity and business acumen. In the golden days of tinseltown – the industry was structured with a family orientation that permeated throughout the ranks of companies, studios, agencies and mini-majors alike, generating a camraderie that regardless of being a competitor – the Universal goal remained in tact – “keep the movie industry machine flourishing.”

Can You Matter In A Material World?

To understand the concept of how to matter in a material world, we must first assess the true nature of mattering and how we as humans play a part of that. The material world was created to give us a significant point of reference for subatomic particles to bounce back and forth and shape into the material. What we bring to the table is the physical experience of our life – be it positive or not – as a platform wrapped in human emotions. A delivery system that conducts raw energy into three dimensions. To say that practical thinking or basic knowledge is by any way extracting the most out of life in this space and time, would be similar to inferring that a lear jet is being propelled by ceiling fan rather than an advanced turbine. Practical thinkers are minimalists by nature due to their own lack of well-being and driven by an innate insecurity of self-worth.

Child Appropriate Movies

It is not easy to make the right choice when choosing movies for your children to see. This article aims at helping parents to make sound choices when looking for movies to show to their children.

Rang-O-Bama: Fiction Meets Fact

I finally got around to seeing Gore Verbinski’s “Rango.” A stylized post-modernist animated film featuring a lonely, self-infatuated domesticated (if not exactly pampered) gecko (Rango) deeply insecure about who he is and unaware of exactly where he is. Throughout the movie Rango ‘courageously’ combats his existential angst through haranguing bouts of thespianism cast upon a captive audience consisting of one plastic goldfish and other assorted caged props.

Emmy Record-Holders

This year’s Emmy Awards are slated for 18 September. The night is symbolic of the achievement and workmanship that those in the television industry put into their work. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences rewards outstanding work that has been done in the television arena over the past year. Some have consistently shown the workmanship that has seen them take the award multiple times. Here is a list of Emmy facts on such: