Enjoying A Movie At Home

Entertainment has become synonymous to movies. Different people, regardless of age and gender, have ever since regarded watching movies when they want to be amused or spend a quality time while relaxing and easing out their stress from work and daily routines.

Thoughts and Predictions on the New Series of Dexter

The latest season of Dexter starts in Sept 2010. This will be the concluding series of Dexter, with Michael C Hall returning as everyone’s favourite anti-hero.

Dancing With the Stars – Season 11, Week 1 Performance Recap

Dancing with the Stars returned for its eleventh season this week. Here is an overview of the performances for the first week of competition.

The Greatest Comedies Starring Or Featuring Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd is one actor who is constantly showing up on the big screen. He has been around for many years, but in recent years he has become one of the prominent faces of Hollywood comedies. Chances are, if there was a funny movie to come out in the last five years, Paul Rudd is in it.

Top Ten Must-Watch and Most Anticipated 3D Movies in 2010

The success of Avatar made way to the new technology in movies–3D Technology. The year 2010 is very promising in movie industry because the rise of 3D in movies is inevitable that almost all movies are shot in 3D to give more emphasis on the photography, visual and audio effects. The characters will look real while you are watching every move they make.

An Overview of Clap Boards

A clap board is an instrument which is generally used in both video tape and motion picture production for helping in the picture and sound synchronization. It also helps in designation and marking specific takes and scenes recorded through the production. The loud noise of clap which this tool creates can be recognized effortlessly on the track of audio.

Satellite TV Systems – Main Components

When satellite TV first came onto the market around 1990, satellite was far harder to come by as opposed to cable and broadcast TV and those that did have satellite laid out high expenses for metal units that occupied a vast amount of yard space. Today, there are compact satellite dishes seen on nearly every rooftop in the USA.

New Teen Movie Well Received in Australia

A new action adventure motion picture has been well received in Australia. Tomorrow When The War Began, the popular novel written by famed Australian author John Marsden, has now been turned into a blockbuster movie.

Film Cans – Why the Best Idea of Gifting?

Are you going for the party of your friend? Are you confused in finding a gift for him or for decorating it? Then you do not worry for it.

The Best Films Starring Russell Crowe

One of the better actors around these days is Russell Crowe. If he is starring in a film, you can probably assume that it will, at the very least, end up being an enjoyable movie. He seems to have his pick of the litter when it comes to choosing roles, and I personally like almost every movie he has ever starred in.

The Best Will Smith Movies Of All Time

Plain and simple, Will Smith is one of my favorite actors out there. It seems that a large portion of moviegoers would agree with me on this, as most of his films seem to absolutely crush it at the box office. Consequently, Will Smith has risen to become one of the highest paid actors in the business.

The Best Films Starring The Great Actor, Jeff Bridges

In my opinion, one of the most likable actors in Hollywood is Jeff Bridges. I mean seriously, could Bridges have asked for a better reception when he finally won his first Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role? It was an incredible thing to watch, and he definitely appeared to not take it for granted.