Horror Movies of 2009

The year 2009 was a great year for horror movies. In the following article, I’ll be taking a look at some of my favorites.

The 10 Most Foreboding Movie (And Television) Themes

James Horner has composed no fewer than 100 film scores in his lifetime, ranging from light-hearted children’s favorites, to adult comedy. Not to mention his melodies grace the soundtracks of filmdom’s most prolific money makers (Titanic <— EWW! and Avatar <— BLECH!). But his most ominous composition is undoubtably his theme for James Cameron's Aliens film.

TV Character Analysis: Dexter Morgan (Dexter – 2006)

Dexter is played by Michael C. Hall and is your favorite, lovable serial killer. Wait, did I just say a lovable serial killer? Yes, I did and after this you will know why.

How Does 3D TV Work? Active Glasses Add Another Dimension to Television Viewing

With the popularity of new 3D Televisions many people are asking just how does 3d TV work? Natural depth prospective is created by comparing the images received by your right eye with the images received from the left. 3D TVs replicate your natural depth prospective by displaying independent images for each eye, to control which eye sees which image active glasses are used to alternately black out the lens of either eye.

I’m Not Ashamed of Anime and You Shouldn’t Be Either

Removing the stigma of anime one film at a time. Never be afraid to try new things.

Top 3 Mel Gibson Movies

Mel Gibson has had a rough time in the spotlight lately. Whether it be drunken rants involving racism, infidelity or divorce, he’s had a rough time surrounding the media the past few years. That being said, he’s also had great success in the movie industry. Below, are just a few of his best achievements.

TV Character Analysis: Debra Morgan (Dexter – 2006)

Debra Morgan, played by actress Jennifer Carpenter, is Dexter Morgan’s sister on the hit Showtime series Dexter. She has pretty much been the leading lady since the series started in 2006. Working for Miami Metro Police Department, she starts off the series as a normal “badge” (cop) just doing whatever she can to try and move up the ranks.

Smash Your TV. Watch Television Programs Online.

Get ready to bid the old cable box a cheery “adios,” because we have entered the era of online television programming. The best part: Unlike your cable services, online television costs nothing.

Extreme Realities

Those who have seen the movie ‘The Matrix’ have already been exposed to a quite plausible idea: that humans could live in a virtual world that they thought was real while their bodies lay encapsulated in fluid. The pretense was that artificial intelligence had become aware and were using the bodies as electric ‘batteries.’ That’s a pretty silly notion considering that the AI organism could obtain power from almost anywhere.

Foreign Movies America Remade Well

With the recent release of a flood of remakes to foreign movies, many film lovers have begun to question whether or not today’s film makers have any original bones in their bodies. Yet, not all foreign movie remakes have been done badly or out of lack of ideas. Some were done for the right reasons and brought amazing stories that might otherwise have escaped American film fans to local theaters and store’s shelves.

Couch Session: Top 10 Actors Under 30

It seems, lately, more and more young actors are getting their chances to show their ability on the big screen and prove their worth. More often, you’re seeing them coming out and finally having their huge breakout roles as the younger generation starts making its mark on the film industry and Hollywood. In that spirit, today we choose our top 10 young actors.

Top Film Schools

If you’ve ever wanted to attend film school but didn’t know where to start, let this list of the top programs serve as your guide. From Los Angeles to Nashville, we detail the top schools and give you an idea of what to expect.