Paranormal Activity 2 Horror Movie Review

At a quite little home with a southern California couple, strange things begin to happen. The woman of the house starts to become convinced that evil spirits are trying to get them; the husband, however is skeptical.

New Television Broadcast Technologies Dazzle, Mystify Consumers

In the old days, “frequency modulated” television signals went out over giant antennas, transmitting sound and black-and-white images to other big antennas on top of people’s houses, where they gathered almost worshipfully to watch “The Ed Sullivan Show” and other weekly live broadcasts. Barely fifty years later, a simple search for references to the phrase “television broadcast technologies” returns no easy answers. In order to understand how the words and pictures spread through our speakers and onto our screens, we now must take advanced courses in electronic engineering and information science. Just learning all the buttons on the remote control requires an all-day seminar with fat binders and lavishly illustrated PowerPoints. Most worrisome of all, as new television broadcast technologies drive new and improved screens and receivers into the big box stores, we have trouble making well-informed choices about our entertainment investments.

DVD Rental Is Cost Effective

The article explains why DVD rental is the best option, specially for those movie lovers who are short on cash as well as on time. DVD rental offers certain key benefits to users which are discussed in this article.

A Home Horror Film Fest for Free

A good horror film affects us in ways that no other form of entertainment can. Halloween Season is the best time of year for the goose bump raising, pillow hugging, heart racing experience of a well-crafted horror film! Used online DVD and Blu-ray sellers offer horror fans a chance to throw a great home horror fest without fear of breaking the bank.

Good Movies 2009

2009 was a great year for movies. Join me for a look at some of its must-see films.

Surviving Survivor: Life After Reality TV

The Tribe has spoken. Your time on the island is up. And now is the time to begin dealing with the aftermath. Everyone who knew you were a contestant on Survivor or Amazing Race or Big Brother will be grilling you for information, but your lips are sealed until the show airs. It’s crucial that you maximize these fifteen minutes of fame, before your post-show glow goes out.

New Australian Made Movie Wows Movie Goers

The recently released Australian movie, Tomorrow When The War Began is wowing cinema goers. It’s set to be one of the successes for the Australian film industry in 2010.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Movie Means The End Of An Era

Critics and moviegoers alike have raved about the movies based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series. J. K. Rowling’s astounding literary skills with the Harry Potter series of books has been transferred to the big screen in a beautiful way.

The Abyss – 1989 (James Cameron)

The Abyss is an excellent example of what is possible in the genre of science fiction when the latest in movie making technology is joined to excellent direction, storytelling, and acting performances. Filled with action, suspense, humor, and drama, there is much to draw in a viewer, even as the visual effects become more dated by today’s standards.

Rajinikanth The Superhero

Rajinikanth has now become a household name all over the world. His latest movie release has transformed the fan euphoria into a new dimension with his fan base expanding daily. He has created a separate zone for himself with no one to near his reputation. His fans are ready to do anything for him but he never wishes anything from them expect their LOVE for him. He can jump from 10 story buildings and escape unhurt, jump over moving trains and cars, stop a fired bullet and even control nature. All his fans pay to see these stunts performed by him.

Bollywood Actress Katrina Kaif Information and Katrina Kaif Biography

She was discovered by film maker Kaizad Gustad while she was modeling and she landed a role in the Bollywood film “Boom”, getting her first big break in the film industry.and Her interest grew more towards Bollywood, and then she finally decided to move to Mumbai to take up acting profession on permanent basis, it is worth mentioning here that the moment she landed in India, she was flooded with number of modeling assignments and her dream of acting in Bollywood gradually fulfilled as she bagged many interesting roles by different directors.

Why the Critics Are Wrong About “The Social Network”

As someone who has been wanting to see “The Social Network”, I was sceptical that it was going to be able to live up to it’s 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes – the bar seemed way too high. Also, I wasn’t convinced that Aaron Sorkin, with his rapid fire, wisecracky, yet somewhat unrealistic dialogue, was going to be able to make the movie seem natural. On the other hand, I was encouraged by the fact that Nine Inch Nails was scoring the movie and David Fincher was directing, (Fight Club is one of my favourite book adaptations).