Cable Television’s New Features

Cable television has always been much-loved for providing alternatives to the limited programming offered by broadcast networks. Even as the age of digital over-the-air broadcast approaches with expanded channel counts and programming, cable television still offers a great deal more programming than the networks.

Discover What to Look For in a DVD Rental Service

The cost of movie tickets is taking a lot of fun out of the video viewing experience. Thank our lucky stars for the advent of exciting DVD rental services. Where would we be without these reliable providers of contemporary and traditional movies? As the DVD rental service industry grows, so does the list of suspect providers. Smart consumers know what to look for in a provider.

Meerkat Manor – The Next Generation on Animal Planet HD

This month started the fourth season of the delightful Animal Planet favorite, Meerkat Manor. Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation follows the Meerkat clan, the Whiskers, as they go about their daily lives in Africa’s Kalahari Desert. This show is a favorite among viewers of all ages and is stunning on Animal Planet high-definition. Animal Planet HD is one of the many HD channels available on satellite TV.

Searching For Ghosts With SciFi HD

As the wind blows up against the side of the old house a slight howl can be heard down the hall. Never fear because the TAPS team is there to investigate on Ghost Hunters. Could it be the wind coming in through a crack? Maybe it’s the ghost of an old woman who lived there 100 years ago? Is that cold chill they feel just a case of the spooky jitters?

The Tudors in High Definition

An outstanding season of the Tudors came to an end in June with the beheading of Queen Anne. Showtime has brought to viewers a television series that is beautifully crafted both in script and film.

Re-Imaginings, Spin Offs, and Franchises

Some people call them “Re-imaginings” others “Franchises” for most Cult TV fans they are just classic shows. In today’s entertainment world there are more and more remakes, re-imaginings and movie spin offs from some of our favourite shows of the sixties, seventies and eighties.

The British Are Coming! Well Actually They Are Already Here

For many years Brits have been crossing the Atlantic to become Hollywood stars, the tradition goes right back to Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel, Bob Hope and Cary Grant huge stars who made it big in America. We are glad to report the tradition continues today, with some surprising roles being played by some of our best actors. Possibly the most notable British export on US TV at the moment is Hugh Laurie.

What Would You Do If You Were Stranded on an Island?

There are a lot of shows whose plots revolve around the idea of being stranded on a desert island. Without even thinking about it, you can think of Gilligan’s Island, Survivor, and Lost.

Sitcom – Girlfriends

All about Joan, Mya, Lynn, William, Toni, and Monica. The show that has everyone who like comedy sitcoms watching.

Remember Those Saturday Matinee Serials, The Appetizer For the Main Movie?

I was listening to my favorite morning show the other day and they were complaining about the “commercials” now before the start of the movies. It’s amazing how times have changed. We haven’t been to a movie since the 80s, when we saw Rocky III in the theatre.

The 2008 European Film Awards and the Film They Couldn’t Refuse

You can’t really blame the European Film Academy voters for giving up in frustration. There were far too many good films to choose from, since this year, at least, the nomination process had miraculously weeded out all the pretentious arthouse dross that usually litters the choices. And certainly, this film had a winning combination: a courageous bestselling book by Roberto Saviano, an exciting screenplay, a smooth and professional director and a great actor, but really, now, 5 Efies?

DVD Rental Vs Video Shop War

There is battle going on in the entertainment world. With the new online rental services taking on traditional video shop services in a war that the online players are winning. How are online service winning the wars and how to they really stack up against your local video store?