Harry Potter Is Not Bad For Kids

Discusses how the Harry Potter stories have a bigger message for children than the typical popular children’s stories such as those by Disney.

Movies – Tony Curtis – An Appreciation

Is this the same man that performed his own stunts in Trapeze. made us laugh in Some Like It Hot and weep in The Defiant Ones? Yes, he definitely is and will always be. I wish you well, Mr. Curtis. Whether you get well soon or not, thanks for the memories. Truly.

Today’s Documentaries Are Getting Super-Sized Results

The best use to which I put my now-cancelled Netflix subscription was in ordering documentaries that are never in ample supply at my local video stores. Three recent docs have changed our world, if you’ve been too busy watching “Mission Impossible” for the twelfth time, to notice. “Super-Size Me,” about the filmmaker that decided to go on an all-McDonalds diet and chronicle his deteriorating health, actually sparked a national debate on obesity, and the Golden Arches took the rare step of dropping their up-selling campaign known by the questions, “Would you like fries?” and “Would you like to super-size that?” Former Vice President Al Gore’s now famous slide show, “An Inconvenient Truth,” about the unprecedented climate changes we’ve been experiencing, is making global warming doubters seem like the flat-worlders of Christopher Columbus’ time. And “Who Killed the Electric Car?” about GM’s decision to recall and then crush its EV-1 fleet of electric vehicles has created so much bad press for the once gigantic but now downsized car maker that it has just promised to issue the Volt, by the year 2010, an electric vehicle it showcased recently.

The Devil Wears Prada Reviewed

Let’s be brutally honest Meryl Streep has been a bit of a ghost lately when it comes to Hollywood. Once again though she has shown that she has what it takes to be an actor with the movie the Devil wears Prada. The movie is about the Fashion industry and how “important” it is. From this theme the movie is built on a poor girl fresh out of college who become the assistants assistant to Miranda – a super goddess in the field of fashion – her views can sink whole fashion lines. Into this world…

Movies – Generating New Film Concepts from Existing Movies – 2

You can mix and match different movie titles to come up with new high concepts for a new film…

Film Review – 300

Beyond words, this powerful film renders my supposed eloquence to pure silence… ‘300’ rips your heart with death but redeems it soon after with its glory. It is a must-see film.

Are You Missing Out On Watching Thousands Of Television Stations On Your PC Or Laptop?

If you have never viewed Internet Television on your PC or Laptop, then you are really missing out on the great fun of enjoying thousands of television stations from all parts of the world. People are already searching online for free internet television and live internet television. Before the advent of Internet television software as it is today, there wee three basic methods for viewing television programs.

Antonella Barba – From Jersey Girl to American Idol Sensation

A look at the topic of much watercooler gossip – Antonella Barba – American Idol season 6 contestant.

Low Budget Scriptwriting – A Few Tips

So you are getting started as a script writer, but the budget is limited? Let me give you a few tips that will help you out.

Movies – Generate New Film Ideas from Existing Movies

By cross-tabulating the names of the existing movies you can generate an infinite number of new, interesting and sometimes humorous and whacky movie ideas.

Guide To Video Editing

Video editing used to be reserved to professionals. Now, YOU can edit your own videos, and on a small budget. And I’m going to guide you and tell you what you need.

Jennifer Hudson Is A True American Idol

When Jennifer Hudson won her Oscar for her performance in the movie, Dream Girls, she did more than win a coveted award. She showed the world that she is a true American Idol.