The Review of Quantum of Solace

Point of disappointment 2: The plot. It is actually quite plain when it is something like James Bond. The plot just lacks more substance, even when compared to older Bond movies.

The Winter TV Lineup – Finding the Best New Shows

The Winter TV lineup usually brings a few very good shows, but there are also many that are weak and will not survive to be aired again. A little insight into why a new winter show is being scheduled for this less popular TV season can help a viewer find the best new programs on the winter schedule. The winter TV season no longer has to be a boring period of time spent waiting for the “regular” lineup to start up again.

Rachael Ray – Entrepreneur Extraordinaire in Chef Apparel

In her chef apron Food Network’s mainstay Rachael Ray is not only a wildly popular television personality, but also is the author of bestselling cookbooks; and is editor in chief of her own magazine devoted to lifestyles. In 2007 she launched her immensely successful daytime syndicated TV program, Rachael Ray. A joint production of CBS Television and Harpo Productions (Oprah Winfrey’s production company), Rachael Ray showcases Rachael’s energy, warmth and enthusiasm for cooking and living the good life.

Leading a Double Life With Hanna Montana!

This is the life, so hold on tight – that is how the song goes in the hit show Hanna Montana; and how true it is. Miley Cyrus plays Miley Stewart, a girl who lives a low-key, every day teenager sort of life, attending high school and being boy crazy, but she also leads a double life as a famous pop star with thousands of adoring fans as the infamous Hanna Montana.

Is BT Vision Ahead of It’s Time?

BT Vision, the digital TV service from BT (British Telecom), has so far lagged behind the ‘big 2’ in UK digital TV (Sky and Virgin Media) in the race to sign up new customers, and it’s possibly due to the fact that it’s different. When you subscribe to Sky or Virgin you start to receive their TV channels, whether it’s the basic set or extra ones bundled on for a higher monthly fee – simple. When you sign up to BT Vision you use the BT Vision set-top box (called a V-Box) to mix Freeview (40 channels of free digital …

Season Finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kim was told by Dallas Austin that she needed country singing boot camp. It didn’t seem like Sheree was a stranger to the stripper pole. Don’t forget to watch next weeks Housewives reunion show. Just from the previews it looks like it’s going to be scandalous.

Rachael Ray TV Show – For One & All

The Rachael Ray TV show exhibits her tenderness, vigor and her immense desire to live life to the fullest. The show keeps the viewers glued to TV as Rachel explores different aspects of life in her own way, while dishing out sumptuous meals from her kitchen.

The World of Movie Set Production Design

Who among us hasn’t at some point in their lives dreamed of making a career in the movies. However; when most people dream of earning the big bucks in the movies, they think in terms of being a highly paid actor or actress. The truth is though that the people acting in any movie are only one part of it’s success because so many other people behind the curtain have actually contributed.

Sound Stages – Design and Creation

A sound stage is an enclosed area usually inside a movie studio that is specifically designed and built to keep outside sounds out. While this may appear to be simple on the surface, in fact designing and building sound stages is a complex craft.

How to Get a Job at One of the Top Film Studios

OK. So, you are sick of the same old grind in your same old home town and you are ready to head off to Hollywood and land your dream job at one of the top film studios. Its a common dream of the young and the restless but is it realistically achievable?

What Goes Into Building Sound Stages

Most people simply turn on their TV sets, watch their shows and are completely oblivious to what a sound stage is. Of course, everyone knows what a stage is but most people couldn’t tell you what differentiates a sound stage from any other type of stage.

Tinker Bell the Beloved Fairy

I had the wonderful opportunity to watch the new Tinker bell movie with my granddaughter this weekend. What a great family movie for all ages. Tinker bell has got to be the most popular fairy in the land.