Comedy TV Shows

Nothing beats coming home to your favorite comedy TV show after a hard day at work. They are notoriously difficult to write, however. We have been fortunate in having a run of quality shows with funny scripts and characters. These shows have come to an end, sadly, but live on in repeats and DVDs.

Melodrama and Music in Bollywood

Melodrama and music are key ingredients of Bollywood. Very few movies, mostly parallel cinema, try to be different – but mainstream film makers and masses both love the ‘masala’. And why not, if rightly positioned, a few melodramatic scenes or a few good songs and vibrant dance sequences can make the movie a runaway success at box office.

Gardening by the Yard – What it is and Finding Out More

One popular program on HGTV is “Gardening By The Yard”. Paul James, an accomplished gardener, is the host of the show and he keeps the program fun and light. The advice he gives for people with pest control issues or poor soil is excellent. The humor that is made part of the program makes it both informative and fun.

Tinseltown Movie Theatre News

Well there have been many new and upcoming releases, that have come out onto the scene for the holidays. Guess this is the time where everyone in the family can sit together, and join in and watch an old fashioned movie together to celebrate the holidays. Well I think some major films out are Twilight which looks scary, basically about an old vampire love tale, which I think will do very good in the theatres. Twilight is incentive on being very dramatic, and centered around the love of two people.

Comic Movies – What Are the Good and Bad Ones?

Comic book movies have graced the big screen since 1966, when Adam West and Burt Ward starred in “Batman: the Movie.” For years, directors struggled on how to adapt the graphic novels into a palpable product, and we have seen a number of different takes. For instance, the earliest “Batman” movies used comical sound effects and a humorous edge to draw the line between make-believe and reality.

Last House on the Left Remake Coming at You

I’m not a big fan of remakes, especially if a film was great in the first place and doesn’t need to be redone. For me, a film that deserves to be remade is one that had a great idea that just went astray for one reason or another.

Tracking the Killer: the Mentalist TV Show

The charm of mystery stories, leaving clues and hints to audiences before finally revealing who the killer is goes before even television. Some theaters run plays solely on this kind of story, where the audience is asked not to give details about the ending in order to not spoil the experience to future audiences. Books and short stories of this genre not only entertain but give the reader a sense of involvement in the progress of the plot.

Peek at Future Roles of the Mentalist Cast

The new drama series, The Mentalist, gives viewers another reason to stay at home and follow the quest of Patrick Jane for the serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter five years back. The storyline is very interesting, and is expected to hook audiences, eager for the next episodes while still viewing the current one. Clearly, it would take no psychic abilities that more can be expected from the television series.

Moore Wants His Name Out of Watchmen Comic

Alan Moore definitely wants his name removed from work that he does not own. His creations that are named to another include V for Vendetta and the Watchmen comic.

SpongeBob Theme Song and Show Information

SpongeBob Square Pants has become one of the most recognized cartoon characters in cartoon history. This little sponge was the invention of little known, ex-marine biologist, Stephen Hillenburg. His show made an immediate splash and has been running since 1999.

SpongeBob SquarePants Characters

Bikini Bottom is the home of everybody’s favorite sponge, SpongeBob Squarepants. Meet the main SpongeBob SquarePants characters from the popular TV show.

It’s All That! On Nickelodeon!

From 1994 to 2005, one of Nickelodeon’s most popular show’s was “All That.” The show featured a live-action sketch comedy routine performed by young aspiring comedians.